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Whether you’re looking for facts about Jupiter for your science report, or for entertainment purposes you’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered some of the coolest ones out there, and added explanations for each one in turn.

1. Jupiter takes a large brunt of the Asteroids that’d otherwise hit Earth

2. Jupiter is so large that it orbits the Barycentre, which the Sun also orbits.

3. Between Mars and Jupiter lies a dwarf planet called Ceres

4. The inventor of the Super Soaker also worked on the Galileo mission

5. Jupiter is so bright it casts shadows on Earth.

A just 14 year old astronomer proved this amazing fact.

6. The planet is shrinking 2cm each year, radiating more heat than it’s receiving.

In fact, it has been more than 8 times it’s current size.

7. There’s 62 moons orbiting Jupiter

8. A black spot the size of the Pacific Ocean occured in 2009

9. Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons probably has water on it.

Even more so than we do on our own planet.

10. Ancient Babylonians knew how to track Jupiter

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