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Time for some facts about dogs! Man’s best friend, the loving animal that has evolved alongside us humans for at least 15,000 years.

Originally domesticated from wolves and evolved due to their friendship and co-dependency with humans, we’re now living in a time where we no longer depend on each other.

1. The dog from the TV show “Frasier” got more fan mail than any of the people starring in the series.

2. Dogs are just now beginning to watch television with HDTVs

3. If Bomb or Drug sniffing dogs dont find any bombs they will get depressed

4. Dogs understand human laughter because of evolution

5. In Beverly Hills it’s only possible to adopt cats or dogs from stores if they are from a shelter or rescue facility

6. Dogs enjoy solving problems for the rewards sake.

7. Dogs understand t hat if we look at them, and then at an object, the dog should focus there too.

8. Dogs are not the only service animals, there are horses and..

9. The first space travelling dog was chosen because it was assumed to already be accustomed to cold and hunger

10. Tihar: A Nepalese an annual occurence where the entire day is devoted to dogs, thanking them for their friendship

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