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One of the more remote locations we’ve featured so far, this one is also one of the coldest. Read all of our chilling facts about Antarctica!

1. Argentina has sent a pregnant woman to the continent, so she would give birth to an Antarctican

Thereby reinforcing their claim to the continent. That’s pretty smart to be honest, regardless of any legal claims holding up or not.

2. Tinder has managed to find a match for someone in Antarctica

Yeah, for some reason – that happened. The tourist who was a camping woman swiped yes for the scientist who was working up north.

3. Metallica has performed on Antarctica, thereby performing on all 7 continents

Hat’s off to them for getting in the record books for something so cool, not that they haven’t proved themselves already of course

4. Wells Fargo operates a lonely ATM on the continent

Someone should tell Disney to make this a movie. ATM-E or something?

5. Halfway between Africa and Antarctica is a Norwegian owned island, Bouvet island

6. Both Chile and Argentina has a village on Antarctica

7. Australia has claimed the most territory

8. There’s only been discovered a single native insect

9. There’s a place where it hasn’t rained for 2 million years

10. Antarctica is the world’s largest desert

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