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One of the 51 different American states out there, this one has made a name for itself in many ways. Today we’re featuring facts about Alabama!

1. Alabama kept interracial marriage illegal until 2000

2. There’s a 10,000 acre Dinosaur theme park in Alabama

Built by an eccentric billionaire.

3. An Alabama school tried to ban Anne Frank’s Diary because it was boring

4. The highest paid state employee in Alabama earns +$7 million a year

His prestigious title? Alabama Football Team head coach.

5. It’s illegal to buy sex toys in Alabama unless you have a doctors note

Since 1998.

6. The official state beverage is whiskey

7. Just 4 out of 67 counties require a law degree to become a probate judge

8. Mobile is named after the Mauvilla Indians

9. The official state nut is a pecan

10. A prehistoric skeleton of a man was found in a cave in Alabama

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