If you want longer lashes and do not want to use artificial lashes, a lash serum can be interesting for you. Eyelash serums are also called eyelash boosters and contain active ingredients that have a positive effect on the density and length of the treated eyelashes.

The active ingredients used are either prostaglandins or Black Sea Rod Oil. These substances are used to stimulate the growth of eyelash hair and follicles. Prostaglandins belong to the tissue hormones and are produced synthetically for eyelashes. Black Sea Oil is a natural ingredient extracted from the Caribbean coral species Plexua Homomalla.

Mode of action

The coral oil and the prostaglandins have a hormonal or hormone-like effect and prolong the growth phase of the eyelash hair follicles. Due to the longer growth phase, the eyelashes should also grow longer and thicker. With an eyelash serum, the follicles of the eyelashes can grow about twice as long as usual during the growth phase. As prostaglandin, for example, bimatropost can be used, whose effect on lash growth is considered to be confirmed for a short time. Little is known about the long-term effect and especially the long-term tolerability. However, Black Sea Oil is hormone-free and is considered a bioactive lipid. Its chemical structure is similar to that of prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins – Discovery of the effect on eyelashes

The positive effect of prostaglandins on the eyelashes was a coincidence. Prostaglandin bimatoprost is used in eye drops to reduce intraocular pressure. The use of bimatoprost in the treatment of glaucoma has revealed an unintended effect. Patients administered eye drops with bimatoprost could report dense lash growth. This discovery is now being used by the cosmetics industry. The first eyelash serum was launched in 2008. A popular vendor is youneeq.de.

Are side effects known?

The application of eyelash serums can result in discoloration of the eyelashes, reddened eyes, temporary visual disturbances, headaches, itching, burning and streaming eyes and dark discoloration of the skin at the base of the eyelashes. Possible side effects should be mentioned by the manufacturer and listed in a package leaflet.

Anyone who notices a side effect should immediately discontinue use and consult a doctor for clarification. Incompatibilities or allergic reactions may also occur when using the serum. Further information, for example on pregnancy and lactation as well as other side effects, must be taken from the package insert.

However, there is a wide range of different eyelash serums. If one notices a side effect, one can impregnate certain substances with the agreement of a doctor and possibly try another one.

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