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There are many products like Klairs that are available for all skin types. Aside from regular skin care products, there are also fermented products. Probiotics as far as we know it is commonly found in supplements and drinks. They are live bacteria good for our stomach to keep your gut in check. But do you know that probiotics are also our skin’s best friend?

Today, let’s explore the effects of probiotic skin care products on your skin and why it’s your best friend:

  1. It calms your skin

According to, probiotics’ ability to benefit the skin comes in many other variations. In skincare, exploring the effects of probiotics has been narrowed down to its calming effect on your skin. This is made possible by probiotics having good bacteria that allow cells to flourish as it works together with prebiotics.

Furthermore, Marie Drago the founder of a probiotic skincare brand Gallinée, explains the science behind probiotics. Naturally, probiotics help in rebuilding a healthy skin ecosystem as the ‘bacteria cell content interacts with receptors to modulate immune response’. This means that probiotics help on bringing out the natural balance on the skin by spreading out good bacteria and blocking unwanted bacteria. That’s why it soothes inflammation on the skin and helps in diminishing acne.

  1. It’s good for sensitive skin

Probiotic skincare products are well known for their natural ability to nourish the skin and have that soothing effect. This effect is the same with products which contain vitamins and minerals that are safe for sensitive skin. One of the great examples on the market is Korean skincare product Dear, Klairs which is known for encouraging gentle skincare routine with an approach of ‘simple but enough’.

Our skin needs the utmost and careful treatment. If you have sensitive skin, you probably find it hard to find the right product to diminish your acne and other skin problems. This is because sensitive skin easily reacts to strong substances found in chemical-based skin care products. You notice that the more you use such products; your face is filled with inflamed, red, itchy acne.

One of the effects of probiotic skincare is that it rebuilds the skin’s barriers. Since, sensitive skin barriers easily break, probiotics help in speeding up the healing process of the skin. So if you use probiotics skincare products, you will easily notice your inflamed acne lessen and then its redness will subside.

  1. It acts as a shield

Probiotics act like a shield or barrier that blocks harmful bacteria and microbes from spreading. It’s very beneficial as it protects your skin from stinging, redness and dryness caused by acne and rosacea.  In addition, probiotics strengthen the surface of the skin against stress and environmental threats. It recognizes invaders on your skin’s natural environment and sets apart what’s good and bad.

This ensures to protect your skin from bacteria and harmful radicals coming from your environment especially if you’re living in the city where it’s dusty. Probiotics can prevent breakouts when you put it topically because it has antimicrobial properties that kill acne-causing bacteria.

  1. It gives you that glow

One of the long term benefits of probiotic skincare is that it allows the skin to be hydrated as it rejuvenates the skin by restoring a healthy pH balance to its surface. In addition, this also helps to reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles and gives you that youthful glow. This is due to the balancing effect of probiotics to the skin

Important Reminder

Since probiotics give a healthy skin environment as it allows balance on the surface and also internally. When probiotics are consumed as supplements or drinks, they help in your digestion and create balance in your gut. Another factor that can cause acne are the molecules that leaking through your gut lining into the bloodstream that can activate inflammation in your body.

To consume probiotics stabilizes the bacteria in your body and also helps in preventing inflammation that prevents your skin from being an inviting environment from acne. As topical application helps in reducing the current acne on skin, consumption helps in preventing acne from coming back. All the more, you need to consume probiotics internally.


The result of probiotic skincare on your skin is subtle yet effective which is a leap from using harmful products. Like Dear, Klairs products, probiotic skincare promises  ‘simple but enough’ effect on how to take care of your skin, that’s why it’s guaranteed that this is indeed your best friend.


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