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The art of film poster-making is a highly challenging and tricky one that is torn between commercial and aesthetic concerns. A film poster must necessarily look awesome but at the same time, it must also convince film enthusiasts to spend their money for watching the film. Hollywood movie posters have always been attracting movie buffs across the globe. Even today people are crazy about sci-fi film posters. People are still interested in posters of movies that are even 90 years old. It seems that greatness is always in vogue.

As per, before Apple trailers and digital marketing, film posters were supposed to be the primary tools for popularizing movies. A famous Austin-based organization in an endeavor to revive the craft of film poster-making produces posters by designers and artists for accompanying popular Hollywood movies such as The Avengers and Jurassic Park. This company organizes film poster exhibitions that feature original concepts, line art, and sketches behind its iconic screen prints.  

According to an article on, a famous auctioneer has amassed around 350 horror and sci-fi film posters that are valued at approximately $150,000. His amazing collection is particularly notable simply because of the fine condition the posters are still in and also because not even a single one of them has ever been touched up. People are still very much obsessed with collecting originals, copies or prints of some of the popular Hollywood sci-fi posters. Hence, you could browse the Internet and buy Sci-Fi Film Posters Online. Here are some of the best Hollywood Sci-fi posters.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Paramount, 1979) 

The most amazing sci-fi film poster is known to include a vivacious painting done by Bob Peak who was the mastermind behind the ad art of Apocalypse Now, Rollerball, and all the Star Trek sequels. The poster for Star Trek seems to be his best creation that truly captures the visual splendor and the element of wonder that Robert Wise the film director was trying to portray in his film. The luminous beams of light seem to be both classic and futuristic. 

Forbidden Planet (MGM, 1956)

This film poster is truly timeless and is over 60 years old. It is still very much popular among the sci-fi film poster obsessed fraternity. This was painted apparently at a low angle. It is truly amazing as Robby the Robot is made to look almost 1,000 feet tall.

The Thing (Universal, 1982)

This is a John Carpenter film and the poster has been created by Drew Struzan. However, the artwork is not able to present the monster the way it was depicted in Carpenter’s film. However, the ominous glimmer reflected on the face of the parka-clad character was enticing enough to bring viewers to the movie theater to experience the very best in alien terror. Even through the years, all versions of this Hollywood sci-fi have maintained this amazing work of art. It is truly timeless.

Alien (Fox, 1979)

Poster art is all about the tease. But in this case, it is highlighting that inhuman egg with the serrated oozing crack. Your imagination would start running wild wondering what would come out of that egg. You seriously would be enticed into buying a ticket to know what would happen next. If you are someone who loves to collect film posters, you could easily buy your favorite Hollywood film posters online at

Star Wars (1977)

The poster’s title “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” acts as a quintessential teaser ad campaign! You would surely be eager to watch the movie to get an idea about what the star wars were all about? Let your imagination run wild. The poster was awesome. Fortunately, the movie lived up to everyone’s expectations.


Most movie buffs are passionate about film posters. If you are one of them who love to collect film posters today thanks to the digital era, you could easily buy your favorite Hollywood film posters online.

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