If you live in or plan to move to a house, you already know the garage, or lack of one, is a critical component of your buying decision. Roughly 63% of housing units have either a garage or carport. With that in mind, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding your next dream home with a garage included.

Even if you’re not planning a future move, you still have plenty of opportunities to update your current home. Have you considered a garage roll-up door?

While it’s not the type of door you see on the average house, there are multiple reasons why this garage door style could be ideal for your home. In this post, you’ll find everything you need to know about a garage door that could change your life!

Looking for a Space-Saving Garage Door?

Go to the garage and check out your door. You likely have either a single panel or sectional garage door. Single panel doors swing up-and-over or to the side while sectional doors slide up and down on a horizontal track.

Due to their construction, these doors take up considerable space. When open, they block overhead space, which reduces room for storage or lighting. If the door swings out, it needs extra clearance, meaning you’re limited to how close to the door you can park a vehicle.

Garage rollup doors coil into a space-saving unit. You won’t lose ceiling space, and you can park a car right up to the door.

You Will Not Find a More Durable Door

A new garage door is a significant investment. Buying the most durable door you can afford ensures you maximize your new door’s service life.

Most manufacturers use steel or heavy-duty aluminum to construct their garage roll-up doors. Either of these materials gives you a door that will be able to stand up under normal wear and tear.

One of the most appealing features of a garage roll-up door makes it popular in hurricane-prone areas. These doors will take a thrashing from wind, hail, and torrential rains and come out unscathed. Be sure to ask your door supplier about their wind load certified doors.

Add rust-resistance to the mix, and you have a door with durability that can’t be beaten.

Fewer Parts Equals Less Maintenance

Low maintenance is no longer a buzzword used in the marketing campaigns of home improvement products. It’s a concept homeowners have come to expect for the variety of materials and products they use to make their homes habitable and safe.

Unlike sectional doors, roll-up doors don’t come with multiple parts needing lubrication. Fail to lubricate one of the 40 parts on your sectional door, and you’ll end up with a door that wears out long before its time.

You will still need to perform routine maintenance on your roll-up doors. Monthly inspections of the hardware will help prevent the typical garage door problems. It would help if you also took note of how well the door operates.

If you take care of your door’s relatively minimal maintenance needs, you’re less likely to need to make a garage door repair call.

No One Will Plow Through a Garage Roll Up Door

We know traditional overhead doors keep people safe and secure. Roll-up doors go the extra mile.

When you install a roll-up garage door, you get the advantage of Interlocking sections and more robust gauge steel. It’s not easy for a car or an intruder to plow through one of these doors.

Another benefit is the way manufacturers usually enclose the parts, including springs and the counterbalance shaft. Protecting the garage door components in this manner makes them less vulnerable to damage.

Like all other residential garage doors, the garage door locks on roll-up doors work to prevent uninvited visitors from entering your garage. You’re getting safety and security when you install roll-up doors.

Tired of High Energy Bills?

It might seem a little odd to talk about energy bills in the same conversation with garage doors. How much do you suppose heat and cold in the garage impact your bill?

In cold climates, heat loss through garage doors can increase energy bills. Summer’s heat can enter your home from the garage. In both instances, an insulated garage door could help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

You can order your door in one of the insulated versions, keeping cold and heat from getting in through the garage door.

Stop the Noise

Roll-up doors also insulate against noise. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, there’s one more reason to appreciate this garage door style.

With the right garage door opener, you’ll hear even less noise. Look for the opener with a low voltage DC motor.

The combination of door materials and quiet opener turns your garage into a tranquil oasis. Well, maybe not that quiet—after all, it’s still a garage.

Garage Doors and Home Aesthetics

Who knew you could pair the art of creating a beautiful home with installing the right garage door? But you can when you choose a roll-up garage door!

Maybe you associate roll-up doors with loading docks or a retail business at the mall. You won’t find much in the way of home aesthetics when you look at commercial garage doors.

There’s no reason to stick with a drab, expected color when you have an entire color palette at your service. We’ve seen our fair share of glossy white or gray doors, but we’ve also noticed homeowners who choose brilliant blues, greens, and even sunset orange for their garage door.

Talk about making a statement!

Inspired and Ready to Shop for Your New Garage Door?

There’s no wrong answer to the question of whether you should install a garage roll-up door. If it fits your needs and style, why not go for it? You’ll enjoy the benefits of a door that offers a high level of security, durability, better use of overhead space, and low maintenance.

It sounds like the recipe for the ideal garage door!

If you feel inspired after reading this post, check out the rest of our blog for more articles on selecting the best garage doors and other home improvement products.


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