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A term used to represent an independent branch of the housing market or the real estate industry in Australia, a buyers advocate in Brisbane or Sydney offers independent services since the inception of the role decades ago. Being a relatively new branch of real estate in Australia, they look after negotiations, purchasing specifics and deals on behalf of the buyer. Just like sellers have agents in the market to fix deals and agreements, buyers advocates represent the buyers in these deals. Although the trend of buyer advocacy has been relatively stagnant since the day it was officially formed, the demand for such services has been increasing at a steady rate since the last decade. Many Australians now realise the significance of hiring these advocates as there are several reasons as to why. Take a look at some of them below:

  • They deal with all the inconsistencies in negotiations and property deals.
  • They follow the best interests of the buyer.
  • They help save time and alleviate the stress involved in property searches.

Buyer’s Advocates In Australia

Buying a house or a property is a common milestone every Australian wants to achieve at some point in their life. But in the busy schedule of their daily lives, where can they get the time to sit down, research, plan, compare and fixate on which market to focus on or, more accurately, which property to buy? This is where a buyer’s advocate comes in. Many services for hiring a buyers advocate in Brisbane are, in fact, independent services that do just that and more. They work solely on behalf of the buyers and focus on searching properties, evaluating the market value and negotiating a reasonable price. And what authorises them to hold such a position or offer such an important service? All buyers advocates are licensed agents working in the real estate market, legalised for service under the BLA. Additionally, they also have to show proper proof of their work experience for at least two years before applying for this license. 

Not only do these advocates have the necessary experience in the real estate market, but they can also help buyers identify the right properties and cherry-pick the best deals without much hassle. People who have a busy work schedule can hire such a service and don’t have to worry about anything else. These services ensure that only the best deals come to the buyer and may even have access to many great properties that are not always available in the market. 

Buyer’s Advocates and Buyers Agents:

Although both have been considered the same thing in Australia, the services offered by them are different in terms of representation. Agents work with a firm or a company and may even work with the selling agents to bring the best deals. Advocates, on the other hand, don’t usually work for an agency or a firm and offer independent services for the representation of the buyer. Considering great services offered by both, agents tend to roll with the interests of their parent agency which might include more profits, reputation or company brand recognition. Advocates are not tied to such factors and are completely free, which means they won’t show any bias when it comes to deals and purchases. For property owners who are new in this, it is recommended to hire the services of a buyer’s advocate and gain sufficient knowledge about the real estate before moving on to agencies if they want. Advocates are also more reliable when it comes to picking the lowest possible price available for a property in the market. 

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