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Also known as the Gateway of Uttar Pradesh, the city is one of the most developed cities in the state. Despite being in U.P. The city is close to Delhi and is often mistaken as a  part of the country’s capital.

Fast Facts About Ghaziabad:

  • Ghaziabad is about 2.5 Km away from the Hindon river and is situated in the middle of the Ganges and the Yamuna.
  • The city follows the same climatic cycle as that of Delhi. Monsoon arrives in June end and prevails till October.
  • The crime rate in Ghaziabad is high, however, it is not higher than that of Delhi.
  • The city has grown manifolds in terms of industries and commercial hubs and is increasingly becoming home to job seekers.
  • In North India, Ghaziabad has a significance in the rail projects, as the railway junction in Ghaziabad connects to a majority of places.

Why is Ghaziabad Becoming Popular as a Residential Area?

History says that the advent of industrialisation brings along the quest for a resident. On similar lines, being a key area near to Delhi and in the state, Ghaziabad is having abundant employment opportunities. The opportunities are growing at an exponential pace with every passing year.

In such a scenario, this has also given rise to the demand for residential areas. As a result, multiple projects have been initiated in the key localities of Ghaziabad. Some of the good areas that have flats on rent in Ghaziabad include:

#1 Indirapuram:

If you believe in the mantra of ‘Goof Home, Good Life’, Indirapuram is definitely the place, wherein you can rent a flat in Ghaziabad. Indirapuram is at an equal distance from both–Delhi and Noida–which makes it easier for people working in either of the localities to come home to a posh home in Indirapuram.

Besides a good stay, Indirapuram has a whopping number of 8 malls, wherein you can meet your shopping requisites.

#2 Crossings Republik:

The city just got the best of both the worlds–affordability and quality– with rentals flats in Ghaziabad in Crossings Republik locality. Once a not-so-developed area is now developed into a locality of sky-high buildings. The locality is developed from two villages i.e. Shahberi and Dundahera.

After Indirapuram, Crossing Republik remains the most sought after area for renting a flat in Ghaziabad. The locality is a result of the collaboration of different builders and best of the minds in the city. The locality is well-designed in Ghaziabad. You can find flats of medium-range in the locality, which makes it an attractive location for the middle-class people.

#3 Kaushambi:

Why do individuals prefer to rent a flat in Ghaziabad in Kaushambi?

The answer is better connectivity. When you are moving into Ghaziabad with your family, you need to see if your partner’s job location is near to the place, you need to have access to shopping hubs, and even schools and hospitals.

If this is what you seek, Kaushambi is one of the best localities to stay in Ghaziabad. You can easily get connectivity to Delhi using the metro and the locality is also linked to the two national highways towards Delhi and the Uttar Pradesh. The locality provides a combination of residential hubs, malls, and multiplexes that leaves you with the promise of well-connected transportation facilities and enriched life.

However, you might find differing opinions about the renting a flat in Ghaziabad, you always have an option to consult a professional real estate agent like us to help you find the rental flats in Ghaziabad of your choice.

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