Since the FDA affirmation in 2001, Generic Latisse eyelash serum has been used in the market. This serum is a form of a glaucoma drug in the serum called Bimatoprost. In that period, a lot of patients and eye doctors saw this reaction of the eyelashes growing thicker, longer and covered up entirely along the area after some time of its consumption.

Working of Generic Latisse Eyelash Serum

Studies have shown that consumption of Generic Latisse eyelash serum Careprost also well-known brand in USA, UK. Click here for more info. which darkens, thickens and lengthens the eyelashes by a certain technique that is not fully known. Just like the hair grows on our head, the same way our eyelashes grow too. Firstly the eyelashes grow, then they keep on developing for some time till they stop. Generic Latisse works by increasing the time span for the development stage and helps the eyelash hair growth.

How to apply Generic Latisse Eyelash Serum

Firstly, before applying this serum, make sure all your makeup and contact lenses are removed. Then apply the Generic Latisse eyelash serum slowly by smudging the serum on the upper lash line and as you start blinking, the serum will automatically reach the lower lash line of the eyelid. According to the manufacturer, it is not advisable to apply it on the lower lid and not safe if the serum goes inside your eyes.

The applicator should be thrown as soon as it has no use.

Also, it is not advisable to reuse the applicator even one night after its use. Reusing it may lead to some damage like adversely affected eye or maybe any other disease caused to the eye. The application of Generic Latisse eyelash serum should be done carefully because it can even cause hair growth in any applied area.

The visible results of this serum are seen in two months. After three to four months your eye specialist will suggest the use of the serum once every two days. And, if you stop utilizing Generic Latisse eyelash serum, you eyelash will come back to its previous version. 

Results are shown by Generic Latisse eyelash serum

Students and researchers done for four months on Generic Latisse eyelash serum show the following results :

There was an increase in eyelash size by 25 per cent.

The density and fullness of the eyelashes have an increment of 106 per cent.

There was an 18 per cent increase in eyelash darkness.

After careful investigations were done on this eyelash serum even before the FDA affirmation, it was concluded that this serum can be safely used by people.

For those who are suffering from the following issues may not be satisfied with this product. The issues are given below :

  • The build-up of fluid in the macula, an area in the center of the retina(Macular oedema).
  • Hypersensitivity of the extreme kind.
  • The infection of the skin caused to the eyelid at the top.
  • Pregnancy- Pregnant women should not make use of this serum.
  • Breastfeeding ladies are also not recommended to make use of this serum.

Side effects caused by Generic Latisse eyelash serum

Since the ingredients in the medicine are used to decrease the IOP in your eyes as well as glaucoma, you might wanna keep a close check on your intraocular pressure and let your doctor examine your eye before prescribing you this gel.

In a study conducted on Generic Latisse, most of the patients did not experience any eye issue, although some of them showed symptoms like darkening of eyelid skin and drying of eyes. The major side effects out of all were eye redness and irritation both experienced by about 3.6   of the population.

The adverse side effects caused by it is the pigmentation and dark spots of the iris.

The eye specialist needs to be reported immediately if you experience any of the above side effects or symptoms like allergies, infections in the eyes and vision loss. Also, the eye specialist needs to know if you have or are undergoing any eye treatment.

Cost of Generic Latisse eye drops

The cost for 5 bottles which can be used for many days will cost just 48 dollars at Generic Villa, differect pharmacy site’s price may be different. Also, the cost may vary from source to source. Some places offer a supply for three months also.

How to buy Generic Latisse

It is a medication and definitely requires your specialist’s prescription if you want to buy Generic Lattise drops at trusted pharmacy Generic Villa. Every doctor may not know about this product. But the dermatologist, cosmetic and eye specialists are constrained to be familiar with the drug’s convenience.

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