Teeth aligners are devices used by dentists to help straighten or align a patient’s teeth. While metal dental braces were hugely popular, slowly, transparent clear aligners are gaining popularity. For anyone wondering where to get teeth aligners in Australia, no worries! Australia has fifteen thousand dental services approximately. And many orthodontists in Australia offer consultations and good service at affordable prices. For people confused between aligners and braces and how they differ, here’s something to help!

Let’s take a look at how teeth aligners are made and their benefits over braces.

Teeth aligners are custom made according to the patient’s teeth shape and specifications. With a mould of the patient’s teeth, the machine builds an aligner with the dentist’s specifications. The patient wears them following the instructions. Aligners are created using pliable materials such as thermoplastic. Aligners help in straightening teeth, spacing out crowded teeth, improving overbite etc. They are also suitable for the patients who have earlier worn braces but have relapsed. 

Benefits of wearing aligners over metal braces

  • They are comfortable to wear

Unlike metal braces which are painful to attach and remove, teeth aligners are comfortable to wear. They do not cause a speech impediment. While in most cases, metal dental braces leave scars on the inside of the mouth because of constant contact with sensitive skin, teeth aligners are free from that discomfort. They are also easy to remove.

  • They are safe to wear

Metal braces contain wires and brackets that may tear at one’s mouth and cause distress. Injuries and abrasions are common with braces. There are also greater chances for food to get stuck, which leads to bacteria and gum diseases. But teeth aligners are safe to wear since they do not have any sharp points that can cause injury. It is not possible to have food stuck in aligners which makes them safe to wear. 

  • No food restrictions

Teeth aligners are easy to care for and maintain. With metal braces, there are certain food restrictions to help keep the braces in place with damages. But teeth aligners do not need anything like that since there is no danger of them breaking or having food stuck in them. Taking off aligners is an option while eating that metal braces do not offer. 

  • They do not attract attention

Clear aligners are transparent and settle over the teeth. Their see-through nature makes them hard to notice, and most times, it does not look like one is wearing an aligner. Metal braces are bulky and are easily noticeable. It might make the wearer conscious and uncomfortable with the attention. Aligners, because of their invisible appearance, helps the wearer avoid unnecessary questions and looks. 

  • Easier to maintain teeth

Wearing aligners makes it easier to maintain oral hygiene. Metal braces sometimes act as impediments to brushing. It is hard to brush around the metal and clean teeth thoroughly. Sometimes because of braces, brushing and flossing can be painful. Many people even give up flossing while wearing braces because of how inconvenient it is. But teeth aligners make it easy to maintain oral hygiene. They are easily removable, so taking them off lets the wearer brush and floss with ease. 

With all these advantages, do not hesitate to get aligners if the dentist suggests them. And for anyone unsure of where to get teeth aligners in Australia, get in touch with any reputable dentist. A consultation will help clear any doubts and make the process of getting braces very easy!

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