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Maritime law, also called the admiralty law, covers a broad range of injuries occurring on or near the sea. It is essential to know whether you have a marine injury case before contacting a maritime lawyer. Just because you have been injured in or near the sea, this is not necessarily a naval case.

Why do you need a lawyer?

The law on water accidents is very different from land accidents. Maritime injuries are often more severe, and the legislation on the recovery of damages differs significantly from standard cases of personal injury. If a person injured during his work at sea is not entitled to, the workers’ compensation is different from land-based work.

The laws of passengers and recreational boaters also contradict land-based injury and unlawful death laws. If a maritime accident at sea has caused you damage, you must consult a maritime lawyer who can offer you sound advice. 

An attorney with no maritime law experience does not understand the nuisances, options, or defenses available to the responsible party in marine law. This will disadvantage you when you negotiate a settlement or go to trial.

Although, after a maritime accident, you should always hire a lawyer with naval law experience – someone focusing solely on this area is best equipped to help you. If you had a will, you ‘d seek a lawyer with a history of wills and trusts. This is the same logic for injuries on or near the water.

You are guaranteed to have specific basic knowledge about essential details, such as the Jones Act, seaworthiness, general maritime legislation or maintenance, and cure, by retaining the maritime accident attorney’s services.

Hiring A Lawyer

A lawyer with no knowledge of maritime law could put you in an unfortunate situation. In a marine accident case, the defendant is often a significant company or company. They will have the resources to recruit a team of lawyers and investigators for their advocacy. It would help if you had a well-informed lawyer in maritime law, like from Brais Law Firm- Miami to prevent the defense from diverting the blame.

If you have suffered a maritime injury while at work, you are probably very careful to hire the best lawyer for your particular case, this caution is warranted and will help you decide best about representation. The following are the qualities a great maritime lawyer must have if they are to represent you successfully.

  • They must focus on cases of maritime injury.

You want to see a doctor specializing in the injury you have suffered when you need to see a doctor. Similarly, it would help if you employed a maritime lawyer that focuses on handling the Jones Act and claims for naval injury. Many lawyers from “general practice” in your area are very friendly and know a bit about many different laws. Unfortunately, these lawyers do not typically have enough complicated Jones Act and maritime legislation to deal with claims for naval injury. 

If you need an open-heart operation, you need a heart surgeon specializing in this kind of service. You want a doctor who specializes in knee surgery if you need knee surgery. In the same way, you should find an excellent maritime jurist who focuses on dealing with maritime injury cases when you have a severe naval injury claim.

  • Must have extensive experience in the courtroom.

It is amazing how many lawyers never go to court to argue motions or to prosecute cases before judges and juries. The insurance companies and the company’s lawyers defend maritime lawsuits.

The Jones Act and the sea cases are often developed until a fair settlement is reached at the time of the trial. If not, your claim must be submitted to the jury. Your maritime injury attorney will most likely spend as much time on your case as he does outside the court. Your lawyer must have extensive experience in the courtroom to handle your situation successfully.

  • Must have substantial financial resources.

Your claim for maritime injury will be expensive to present successfully to a judge or jury. Your request will typically involve the loss of past and future salaries and benefits. An economic expert is required to testify on this issue during the trial. Your case may need a liability expert to show what was wrong in the company that caused your injury. 

These experts require payment in advance, and your maritime lawyer will hire and fund these experts until your case has been resolved. Your attorney must be prepared to finance your case in a similar way for every dollar the company spends in defense of their claim.

  • Must have substantial office resources.

Your claim for maritime injury will require both office and financial resources. To prove your case successfully, time, effort, and work will be spent collecting the needed documents and gaining the necessary evidence to prove your case during trial. Your maritime lawyer must have an experienced office staff that can prepare your case.

Final Words

There are other circumstances in which the claimants have not been given the benefits. Perhaps sometimes inappropriate and disadvantageous enforcement of this law. Therefore, customers are advised not to have this law without signing the free agreement.

Therefore, consultations with a lawyer competent in Brais Law would be better. Some circumstances may have specific limitations in terms of the time limit for filing the claim. Failure to take action can, therefore, lead to the loss of rights.

About Keith Brais

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, acquired three U.S. Coast Guard licenses and worked on offshore oil drilling platforms for more than seven years, Keith S. Brais brings an uncommon degree of real world experience to clients’ personal injury and wrongful death claims. His unique maritime education and experience, combined with his professional legal expertise and trial skills provide invaluable benefit to clients when describing the dangers associated with maritime employment to a judge or jury. Keith S. Brais is one of a very specialized group of lawyers in the State of Florida that is Board Certified in Maritime and Admiralty Law by the Florida Bar. Additionally, Keith S. Brais holds an “AV” rating from the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, the highest rating attainable.

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