If you have kids and pets like dogs and cats in your house, then definitely you have noticed different kinds of stains on your floor, walls, or any other of your home. Stains are the best enemy of humans from the beginning of human life. There is a great deal in question in the clash of man versus stains. The question is that how to win this battle against stains??? What are the best methods to get over this problem?? If you are facing this type of problem, then you are in the right place. We have the best solution for you to tackle this problem. You will succeed in winning this battle against stains by using the Best Enzyme Cleaner.  

Purpose of Enzymes in Cleaners:

What is the primary purpose of enzymes in the cleaning process? What type of enzymes helps to clean the stains ?? we will let you know all the things in detail let’s take a look below.


Enzymes are basically the biocatalyst; they fast up any reaction. Enzymes assist in promoting any reaction under in it. When it comes to cleaning, so the existence of enzymes in the cleaners helps to get rid of any type of tough stains. According to science, enzymes are not living creatures. They only work as a living creature when it works with bacteria. Enzymes work better in cleaning purposes with the bacteria.

Enzymes works as a good cleaner:

The primary purpose of an enzyme is to break down or crush multiplex substances into fine pieces so that it will be easy for bacteria to ingest those particles comfortably. The minute or smaller particles include urine stains, grease stains, organic waste that simply become the best nourishment for bacteria to ingest. Enzyme cleaners influence the intensity of good microscopic organisms to erase the most difficult stains and smells. That occurs with zero dangerous defilement in your home. Likewise, the cleansers are delicate on the textures.

Types of enzymes present in cleaners:

There are different types of enzymes that helps to vanish the stains. When you go to the market to purchase the best enzyme cleaner for your house, then you should keep in your mind that you must read the description that is written at the back of the cleaning bottle. What type of enzyme is present in it? Numerous types of enzymes work against different types of stains. So, you should know what type of stain you want to get rid of and what enzyme is appropriate for that. The following are the most common types of enzymes that are mostly present in the cleaning purposes.


Cellulases are utilized to mollify texture and reestablish shading to filaments that are made up of cellulose material. They likewise evacuate particulate soil and decrease texture turning grey and pilling.


Amylase is an enzyme, and it is mostly present in the cleaners. The purpose of amylase in the cleaners is that it breaks down sugary substances like sauces, sugars, and all those things have starch in it. Additionally, the amylase enzyme also helps to diminish the stains of different types of juices and wines as they have some sugar substances in it.


A vast number of cleaners have protease enzymes in it. All those protein-based stains can be easily removed by protease enzymes. As this enzyme is best in removing the stains of blood, urine of pets, kids and etc. 


Oil and grease stains are very persistent stains, and it will be very difficult to eliminate this type of stains. So, if you get any stain of oil and grease, then you should buy an enzyme cleaner having a lipase enzyme in it.

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