Spring and its fantastic weather are officially here, and this means that the time is right to start the hiking season. Whether you are a novice or a pro, it means that you want to get ready, from starting up your exercise regimen to plotting some new places to visit. Another thing that you want to do is look into some new hiking gear and gadgets for the season. These will help you in a lot of different ways, including adding some modern conveniences to your wilderness trips. These are the top must-haves you’re your hikes this season:

1. Portable Shower

When it comes to a hike, getting clean may not be something on your mind, but a hot shower can do a lot to both help you relax after a long day of hiking, as well as get rid of dirt and grime. That’s a reality now, thanks to Geyser Systems. Using this product is simple: just fill it up with a gallon of water, plug it into a car charger, and attach a sponge. You now have seven minutes of continuous water to use—whether it’s at the end of the day, after a surprise spill, or at the end of your hike if you have somewhere else to be. Water level sensors will let you know when you are running low so you don’t get surprised.

2. Camp Chairs

A part of enjoying yourself on a hike is having the opportunity to take in the sights of nature, and there’s nothing better to do this from than a nice camp chair. One brand that is adding some new features on to their chairs is NEMO with their Stargazer series. Designed with the weight-conscious camper in mind, the Stargazer combines elements of a rocking chair, traditional seat, and even has a cup holder on some models. One feature of note is that it lives up to its name by rotating backwards so you can look up at the sky.

3. Solar Power Banks

Some people make good use of their smartphones when it comes to hiking, whether it’s to help navigate or chronicle their adventures through pictures and video. Nothing can spoil this like a low battery, which is why you may want to invest in some solar power banks. A lot of the chargers on the market are light-weight, waterproof, and travel–ready. If you want a little extra help, buy one that can be strapped on your backpack so you can charge as you walk.

4. Water Filters

Keeping hydrated is important, but so is keeping safe. There are a lot of different ways to filter your water during a hike, from purification powders and tablets to specially designed bottles to products like the LifeStraw. This personal water filter was once named Time Magazine Invention of the Year, and is well suited for the wilderness, and is not dependent on chemicals, batteries, or certain parts that can wear out. With a lifespan of 1,000 liters (264 gallons) something like this can last you for quite a while.

5. Hiking Tents

If this is more than a one-day hiking adventure, you’re going to want a good hiking tent. Not just any old tent – a hiking tent. One that is lightweight, easy to pack and easy to setup. You want to find the best backpacking tents out there so you’re not spending hours after, or before, a long hike figuring things out.

6. Survival Bracelets

For those who aren’t familiar with paracord/survival bracelets, these handy little marvels are generally worn around the wrist, and are packed full of handy survival tools and gadgets that can make the difference when you are caught in a dangerous situation. This doesn’t mean you have to be doing a risky hike to benefit from one, though. There are tons of different variants for different types of outdoor activity, and even the most casual hiker can make use of one. The top-end ones have gadgets like fire steel, fishing lines, duct tape, LED lights, whistles, signal mirror, water purification powder, snares, and more. In addition, some paracord bracelets can pull hundreds of pounds of weight.

7. Dig Tools

Also known as folding shovels or entrenching tools, all types of outdoor enthusiasts have come to find use for these for a variety of different reasons, whether it’s digging holes to create makeshift latrine, setting up tents and other equipment, or even as emergency axes and saws. When buying one of these, you need to make a decision what is more important—length or versatility. The shortest dig tools are the easiest to carry around, but you won’t be able to stand and dig with them, making them more of a trowel. However, for novice hikers, even the smallest ones will be able to do the job.

Stock your pack with these great gadgets to take your 2018 hiking season to a new level. Happy trails!

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