Over the years we have seen drastic changes in the development of technology and when it comes to the education sector, we could see some major changes which we will be seeing here. There has been a significant effort to digitalize the administrative functions and courses. This incorporation of technology will definitely ensure their survival in the coming years and will lend a definite hand towards the development of the Nation.

Personalized Way Of Learning 

With the help of e-learning and online learning methods, it is becoming very easy for teachers to blend digitized learning into the course curriculum. This could result in the introduction of technology in the classroom and the use of devices by students to access course materials for preparation for competitive exams such as JEE Exam and many more. Students will have more control over what they choose to learn and won’t face any troubles while preparing for examinations where, they will be in dire need of important questions and previous year solved questions etc, which might come in handy.

Digitized Classrooms 

Schools have started giving out sponsored devices to students which they use such as tablets and Laptops. Apart from all that, we can see the use of Smartdesks and Smartboards which enhances engagement and interaction with the students. With the use of these, students feel free to provide feedback and ask doubts from inside of the class or outside of it. Now, with the introduction of VR Technology, students can visualize and experience the beauty of science topics such as ecology or architecture etc.

Online Communities and Live Chats 

Technology is used for administrative purposes also such as strengthening infrastructure and also the launch of a mobile app which takes care of student’s needs such as the latest news and events in schools. These strategies definitely influence academic performance. Another good scope in terms of helping students regarding their studies would be with the introduction of live chats in educational institutions to address questions and one such institution for that matter is Byjus in India. When it comes to exam preparation, these live chats can help students with their doubts clarification regarding concepts and topics from the JEE syllabus and there is plenty of scope for this technology to grow in the future.

Students prefer the online method for preparing for exams because it proves to be very convenient.  Check out Byju’s youtube videos for preparing effectively for exams.

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