Sanitizing your gym is one way of ensuring that your place is clean and well-maintained. Due to the increase of individuals becoming more health-conscious, going to a fitness facility is one way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, whenever you go to a gym, you would always look into its cleanliness.  If you are a personal trainer, gym disinfecting should be your priority if you wish to protect your clients’ health.

How to Disinfect the Gym Effectively

When you disinfect your gym, it not only maintains cleanliness but reduces the presence of harmful bacteria. Gym disinfecting is a good cleaning practice. A gym is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and is considered a potential place for infectious germs. There is a wide variety of work out areas in the gym, in which a personal trainer has to work. Different individuals touch its facilities and equipment in all of these spaces. Here are some simple steps that you can follow when disinfecting your gym to avoid the increase of germs.

  • Effective Disinfectants

Choose which products you are planning to buy and use when disinfecting the gym. You may use detergent when cleaning all the spaces. The detergent product just weakens the virus, so you need to follow it up with a disinfectant to get rid of the infection.

You can also use bleach as a disinfectant. Make sure that it has at least a minimum concentration of 6%. Otherwise, it will not be that effective.  You may check with the manufacturer before using the product to ensure it is safe to use. Too much concentration on a bleach can be harmful to your facility and equipment.

  • Disinfect the Entire Gym

When planning to disinfect your gym, make sure that your facility is close for the next two or three days. It will give you enough time to clean up every space and equipment in your gym, and allow the disinfectant enough time to process harmful bacteria in reducing them.

Although you have disinfected the entire gym, daily cleaning is an efficient way to maintain the facility’s cleanliness. You can sanitize the equipment with the use of a sanitizing product. This process helps prevent the growth of bacteria. You can continue to do this procedure until your next schedule to disinfect your gym.   


  • Areas That Needs Special Attention


Certain areas need special attention when you are going to disinfect the gym. Your customers frequently use those areas. So you need to ensure that contact with the facility and equipment is limited. You will also need to sanitize these frequently use areas every day to minimize the growth of germs.

The areas that are constantly visited by clients are the fitness studio, machine rooms, and locker areas. You can start by sanitizing the equipment one by one. You may use detergent if you wish to remove any traces of fungi

Other areas that need special attention are the showers, sauna, and spa areas. For this area, you will need to use a different disinfectant than the one you use at the fitness studio. Aside from using detergent, you can also add bleach.

By following these effective ways when disinfecting your gym, your clients will rest assured that you are taking extra steps to ensure their safety. Keep in mind that gym disinfecting and having well-maintained facilities and equipment attract more clients and earn you loyal customers as well.

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