If you have a nice and organic engagement in your Instagram account, your posts will be more visible to a wider audience group. The site can also feature your post in the Explore and Location pages. Also, you can be included in the Top 9 posts of the hashtag. Sometimes, they can select your particular post to be included in the audiences’ home feeds. All thanks to ‘Follow Hashtag’ attribute.

It is important to note that Instagram does not allow the use of automated tools. Thus, you can forget about using bots to comment, post, follow, or like somebody else’s posts. This is against the site’s policy and it can get you in big trouble in the end.

Now, let’s talk about the basics. As a newbie, how can you increase the engagement in your Instagram account? Here are tips and tricks that you can try immediately:

Make Sure to Post High-Quality Content

No matter how many articles you read, if you don’t post quality content, you must not expect anything to work.

Remember, you only have a few seconds to catch people’s attention as they scroll the feed. Thus, the first step to follow is to post high-quality contents all the time.

See to it that the photos you are sharing are high-quality and not blurry. To do this, you must shoot an image with the perfect lighting. You don’t need to have a DSLR. The camera on your phone is enough. Moreover, the photos must be creative and fun so it will catch the attention of the audience.

You can also post motivational quotes to inspire followers. With this, their minds will be tickled and make them share what’s on their head too. Furthermore, you can also post anything about your theme and Buy Instagram Likes. The majority of Instagram users are intrigued by a professionally edited picture.

Surely, nobody will stop and take a moment to like or share your post if it does not look good. The engagement loop is a necessary step in organic Instagram engagement.

Opt for the Right Hashtags

With the use of hashtags, people can discover your account. Buy Instagram Likes and you can become a member of the big community from all around the world. Also, Instagram will know in what category you belong and kind of posts do you share. Then they can recommend it to people who have the same interests as you do.

Remember to use the proper hashtags and avoid using random words. Utilize all the 30 hashtags. The more hashtags, the more chances of being spotted by people.

Post when your Followers are Active

Remember the best time to post your content is when your followers are active. With this, you can surely get the most engagement on your account. For example, if you have an important announcement to make among your followers, post it when the majority of your followers are online.

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