When pro cleaners handle a job, it turns out perfect. They clean every part of your home efficiently without leaving any trace of dirt behind. We did a survey to find out some of the cleaning methods that make the work of pro cleaners so exceptional.

Cleaning your home – tips

Many people make the mistake of cleaning their homes by going from one room to another which is known as ‘zone cleaning, but it is a slow process. There are faster ways to clean your home efficiently. The time it will take to clean one room can be spent cleaning the entire house.

Pro cleaners approach to cleaning the interior parts of homes is more like a ‘task cleaning’ process where one chore is completed for all the parts of the home before proceeding to do another chore. For example, if dusting is to be done, the entire house is dusted before mopping the floors of the entire house. The idea is to keep the job moving progressively without any delays. If you like the idea of cleaning your home efficiently in a lesser time, study the following tips and apply them accordingly.

Dusting furniture

You may find out that a part of your home recently dusted still spots dirt. This is because you have not cleaned the upper part of the furniture. That is where the dust collects and falls to lower areas. Each room should be dusted with care, TV screens, chairs, handrails, and the shelves should not be left out. Use a microfiber soaked with warm water to remove fingerprints, and a dry cloth is preferable if you can do without wetting the cloth before dusting.

Make the beds

The linen on the beds should be shaken and straightened, the pillows should be repositioned and blankets folded. The surfaces of furniture should be brushed to remove dirt.

Wipe the windows and mirrors 

You can use a warm moist microfiber cloth to avoid streaks while cleaning windows, glass surfaces or mirrors.

Cleaning the surfaces

Using only water or disinfectant cleaner wipe all the surfaces, counters, handles, light switches, TV remotes, phones, etc. to remove dirt and eliminate bacteria.

Cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms

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The best way to clean the sinks, toilets, and tubs is to spray with the cleaning liquid, leave for a few minutes then scrub. The kitchen appliances should be cleaned and obstacles removed from the doors of electronic appliances.

Using a vacuum cleaner

The dirt you should be targeting to eliminate includes hair, dust, and small debris. You should vacuum areas more than once to completely remove traces of dirt and dust.

Using a vacuum cleaner makes it easy to keep your floors clean and free from dust. There are different types of vacuum cleaners with varying capacities in the market. With a good research, you can find a good vacuum cleaner to keep your home clean. You will find the Homus cleaning advices helpful when searching for the best-bagged vacuum cleaner.

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