Its not uncommon for people, whether they own their house or are renting, to simply run out of space. Although this might be unavoidable in the case of something like a new baby being introduced into the house, a lot of the time it simply involves the accumulation of a lot of stuff. Much of this stuff is unnecessary, old, outdated or simply not needed anymore, but it stays in its comfortable little spot until the day arrives when you decide to literally clean house. Although there might be some emotional attachment to some of these objects, overcoming these feelings will invariably lead to you making much better use of your space. In this article, we take a look at a few easy ways you can simply downsize your home.

Creating a new space out of the old

One of the core tenets of property styling is how powerful and versatile downsizing a room can be to the overall aesthetic and functional design. Early on – before your house is bursting at the seams with all sorts of junk – you might consider investing in some outside storage areas. We recommend that you don’t do this, as once you start, you’ll keep buying things you don’t need, store the other things, and all the while you’ll be paying a monthly cost that you simply don’t need. Storage units are obviously useful for temporary storage, but if you find you can’t let go of some things, you should start deciding how to cull all of the extraneous bits and pieces. Similarly, converting something like a garage in your own home might seem like a good idea at first – just one box in the corner, you might think – but it will soon become quite overwhelming, particularly if this practice is maintained for years. Soon you won’t have a garage – you’ll have a storage space overflowing with junk.

Deciding what to get rid of

Deciding what to get rid of can be the hardest part of the whole process, but there are ways to make it a little bit easier. Firstly, you should ask yourself when the last time you used something is. This is probably most apparent in the kitchen, as there’s a very good chance that you haven’t used a particular gadget in over 12 months. By rationalising your use of certain things, you’ll be able to develop a much better understanding of what you need and what you don’t. after you’ve figured out what needs to go, you usually have a couple of easy options. The first is to post an ad on somewhere like Gumtree or Facebook marketplace to reach as wide a group of people as possible. Then, you can make a bit of money, which is another great thing about downsizing! The other option you have is to donate to op shops, and the advantage of this is that you can get rid of a lot of things at once, instead of needing to wait for people to buy things slowly. Plus, you’ll be doing something charitable!

Start downsizing before its too late

Downsizing shouldn’t be looked at as a bad practice – once you start getting rid of things that you don’t need, you’ll find that it gets much easier the more you do it. Then, you can make property room for the things that you really need, rather than piles of “maybes” here and there. Plus, if you decide to move, you’ll have much less stuff to sort, which can be even more of a pain when it’s all junk!

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