dubai desert

If you have applied for Online Dubai visa and visiting Dubai, then Desert Safari is a mandatory activity. It is an experience that will surely help you get in touch with nature, and become intimate the Arabian culture. The desert safari undoubtedly is worth every penny. There are two options for a desert safari: you can visit the desert in the afternoon or the evening; however, the evening time is most popular among tourists due to the climate, and the sunset.

Extreme Thrills

For people who are not afraid of adventures, the desert safari offers multiple activities, such as dune bashing, dune buggy rides, and quad biking.

Sand Ski

vip desert safari dubai is all about getting in touch with the desert. The sand ski is a fun activity that lets you ski from the top of a high dune on a ski board. Even if you fall, the soft sand will catch you and prevent from any injury. A thrilling and one of a kind experience, the sand skiing will change your views about ice skiing.

Camel Trek

Camels are beautiful desert animals. Riding these majestic animals, especially at sunset, will give you a personal and intimate experience with the desert and the living style of the earlier Arabs. It is a great way to understand the desert environment, as well.

Wild Life

The Dubai desert is filled with wild animals such as feral cats, gazelles, and monitor lizards, waiting to be explored.  Many tourists also try falconry- the sport of hunting with falcons and other birds of prey- for a once in a lifetime experience.

Other Activities

There are other activities that you can try at your camp as well. Apart from the camel ride to your campsite, you will get to enjoy beautiful traditional belly dancing, Tanura show, and Fire show. You can also have your hands painted with henna, try world-renowned Arabic Coffee and delicious fresh dates.


The desert safari is suitable for people of all ages and sizes; you need to have the heart for it. Usually, you can avail budget-friendly deals, in which you get the entire package. Professional drivers drive the desert safari vehicles. They are also trained for emergencies and therefore can offer First aid in case of emergencies. For desert safari, specially made cars, with fitted roll cages are made to provide increased security to the tourists.

Precautionary Measures

Desert safari is going to be an experience of a lifetime. While going on a desert safari, one should know that it might get hot in the desert and therefore they should wear comfortable clothes. Jewelry should be avoided. Due to the warm climate of the city, and particularly of the desert, it is better to keep a hat or any kind of head covering to protect yourself from the sunlight.

Dubai today is known for its skyscrapers, its malls, and other architectural marvels. However, its true essence still rests in the golden desert that is waiting to be explored. The desert safari offers an exceptional opportunity to get an intimate experience where you can enjoy camel rides, belly dancing, and some extra ordinary adventures.

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