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Are you a person suffering from insomnia due to anxiety or depression? If yes, read the article it may help you to deal with your sleep apnea.

After a hectic and a tiring day, everyone seeks a sound sleep. A roughly six to eight hours’ worth of sleep is good enough to feel refreshed and to take on the challenges of the next day.

To battle your fatigue and fall asleep within minutes, spoon a pillow! Yes, hugging a pillow can take you to a soothing lap of sleep. As per the specialists the people who hug pillow during night sensation strong personal connection and recreate the feeling at the time of sleeping, the most vulnerable state.

In other words, the pillow functions as a shield wall when you feel disconnected from your partner. It gives you that warmth you need to survive the world. The people are routine-oriented. If they start following a typical method, they grab a pillow every night to get the comfort and support.

A pillow is reckoned as an environmental cue that sends a signal to the brain about the bedtime and one should start settling down. The pillow-hugging can extend a sense of security and safety, which helps the anxiety sufferers who face troubles in recognizing the natural feel of the environment is relaxing. Also helps against the cold weather, even if you’re way down south.

In many, the pillow-hugging is bestowed from childhood. It is the time we prefer the fetal position during the sleep and hold onto soft and cuddly objects. We don’t want to be alone and the pillow presence makes us feel secure.

A lot of people have trouble in sleeping as they can’t find self-soothing objects. They can’t get off their fears, which turn out to be more intensified during nights.

Halodakimakura is the leading name in the huggy pillows. It has been the sizeable cult following in Japan since long. These pillows are in extra-large size, which is designed to be embraced as you went to sleep. Besides giving you a good company, it brings a number of health benefits too.

It helps in reducing the lower back pain. When you sleep on your stomach or back can put excess pressure on the lower back, leading to discomfort during your waking hours.

To alleviate this problem, you should start sleeping on your side. Holding and cuddling a dakimakura can help distribute your body weight throughout your joints evenly, making the position easier on shoulders and knees. Placing it under your knees can also give you immense relief.

The researchers discovered that sleeping with a dakimakura showed a reduction in the secretion of a hormone called as cortisol which triggers stress!

In short, for deeper and more restful sleep, grab a hugging-pillow to treat insomnia and emotional unease like stress. It is a proven fact that having some kind of physical connection with an inanimate object can have a soothing and restful effect that translates into a longer and quality sleep.

So, cuddle your pillow and have a stress-less life!

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