There are so many transportation options in Vienna to choose from today in case you do not wish to use the public transport of the city. Vienna being one of the most organized and safest cities in the world, it offers a great range of different private transport options.

It is better to know all the possible options of a taxi from Vienna airport in as you are considering them as airport transfers too. So, once you are done wander around the airport, grab your cab and hit the city centre!

Here is a list of the different types of taxi services to help you choose the right one for yourself.

  • City taxis

These taxis are the easiest to find in the city centre of Vienna. However, when you are considering to use this service, be careful of your budget; they eat it up!

You can get one from either the taxi stands or can ask your hotel to arrange it for you. The basic price starts at 2.50€, and additional 1.20€ are added every kilometre. There is a separate charge of putting luggage in the car’s trunk, and the rate at night and on Sunday’s and other holidays increase with a surcharge of 1€. An additional charge of 2€ is also applicable if you order a taxi over the phone. Since Vienna has a culture of tipping, a 10% tip is well-accepted.

  • Private Companies

There are many private companies today that offer private transportation services with an exclusive fleet of vehicles, along with some really competitive rates and professional English-speaking chauffeurs.

These companies arrange for the driver to meet you at the arrival gate of the airport, your hotel, or any other preferred starting point throughout the city, and takes you to your destination without any delay. These professionals are courteous and help you with your luggage. This taxi service comes with utmost ease, comfort, and style. These companies also offer advantage of an advanced booking, in pricing. However, this is the challenge that most companies face and today, understanding how to stand out from the rest is a science that most companies lack as it all about customer satisfaction.     

A taxi from Vienna airport ensures that you have a comfortable ride after a long flight. Choose the one which suits your needs the best and fits in your budget too.  Book timely and grab the advantage of fixed prices.

  • Airport Taxi

Just as the name describes, the airport taxis are used by passengers to travel to and from the Vienna airport. These taxis usually have a fixed price of €36 for a maximum of 4 passengers. There are also specific group fares offered by some companies on request.

It is important that you mention that you need an airport taxi to avoid additional costs of almost €13 for the taxi to return to Vienna.  If you are catching a taxi from the Vienna airport to the city, look for taxi coordinators to dedicate an airport taxi to you.

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