Did you know that there are now 271,238 painting and decorating businesses in the US? This number is set to grow, as many people spend more on their homes due to the impact of the global pandemic. But do you know the myths that surround hiring a painter to do work on your house?

Many of them are untrue, and we are here to debunk the theories. Read on as we discuss the truth about professional home painters.

They Skip Primer

Some people might think that local home painters want the job done quickly, so they can move on to the next task. However, the best painting company will take time and effort. With so much competition, they need to build a good reputation to ensure repeat business.

Part of that is taking time to prepare, and this comes down to putting on a primer. When you paint a wall directly, the paint soaks into the porous surface. A primer can block up these holes, meaning your paint stays on the surface.

Professional companies will also know what type of primer is best suited for each wall. This can save you a lot of money on unwanted materials.

They Don’t Prepare

Painting takes a lot of preparation, and if your painting contractors seem to be doing a lot of work before they start it is to ensure a good finish. Firstly, even if you apply primer, walls still need to be filled, sanded, and then cleaned. After this, furniture and fittings need to be covered and masked off.

All of this can be done by your painting company. Companies such as theraleighpaintcontractor.com will take you through the whole process, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

You Don’t Need Them if You Are Selling

Another argument that often rages is if you need interior home painting when you sell. The truth is that painting is never going to make your house more valuable, and yes, the buyer may come in and repaint it themselves. However, it can make your house much more attractive and more likely to sell.

A fresh coat of paint can liven even the dullest of rooms. If you stick to light, neutral colors you can even make rooms look bigger. Filled with natural light, they are sure to attract attention.

They Don’t Give Advice on Paints

Painting contractors don’t just come in and paint. They have a wealth of experience, knowing both colors and types of paint. If you need some advice, ask them, and they will be happy to respond.

One time you definitely need to get their advice is with exterior paint. As this takes a lot more weathering and punishment, they will know the correct brand to put on your property to ensure maximum longevity.

Finding Professional Home Painters

Now you know the myths and truth about professional home painters, you can start finding a great one. Check your local area and look at reviews. You may even get a great recommendation from friends and family!

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