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There was a time when building your very first PC was an extremely cost-effective and satisfying experience. Today’s world is not entirely the same for custom PC’ builders; important performance parts like graphic cards have become a rare and very expensive commodity. After-sales has always been a trouble area for custom PC builders. These are the areas where pre-built gaming PCs shine. Pre-built PCs from reputed manufacturers has capitalized well on the unavailability of the latest graphic cards in the market by ensuring graphic card supply for their pre-built PCs. Here are reasons why a pre-built PC is better than a custom-built PC in today’s world: 


Now you don’t need to be a computer genius and crack compatibility issues between individual components of a PC. The manufacturer of a pre-built PC ensures that you have a smooth-running, pre-assembled and stable system. You don’t need to invest time and effort into researching each part, sourcing the piece, and building your PC. You can now simply plug the power cord in and get going with a pre-built PC. 

With pre-built PCs, you need not worry about installing a windows system and its purchase. All major pre-built PCs comes with Windows 10 already installed.

Unavailability of GPU in Market:

The gaming community is the worst hit due to the rise of bitcoin mining activity across the globe. Due to the need for a robust GPU system for cryptocurrency mining, the whole GPU market has been disrupted. GPU manufacturers are not able to match the demand with supply. This has been harsh on the custom PC building world. GPU’s availability has plummeted, and the prices have skyrocketed. Pre-built PC manufacturers came to the rescue of the gaming community by cutting deals with GPU manufacturers to ensure GPU supply for their pre-built PCs. So, in today’s world, if you need a powerful PC with a strong GPU, then the most convenient option is to go for a pre-built PC.

Plug and Play Out of The Box:

With a custom-built PC, you have to figure out installing a Windows system, download and install essential drivers, and update is BIOS. As long as you don’t figure this part out, you won’t be able to even stream a video properly, let alone playing games. Pre-built PCs takes care of all these issues and also provide you with a system with fully optimized RAM speeds. Most of the pre-built manufacturers throw in free stock display unity, mouse and keyboard. All you need to do with a pre-built PC is install your favourite game and start playing.

Disadvantages of Pre-Built PCs:

For an individual who is only interested in playing games and doesn’t have much knowledge and understanding of a computer’s internal workings, pre-built is the best choice. But there are certain shortcomings of pre-built systems. An entry-level pre-built pc for gaming would be a bad choice because they house outdated hardware and weak GPU. With enough research, you can build a decently robust and adequately future-proof custom PC for the same budget. A mid to high-end version on a pre-built PC is where you really start seeing some positive returns on your investment. 

Summing Up:

If you possess good knowledge of computer system’s working and has the skills to build gaming PCs, then a custom-built PC is where you will get the maximum return on your investment. But if you are like many others, just gaming fans and less of a computer geek, then pre-built systems are your way to go. Where sourcing PC’s hardware is a very tedious task in today’s world, pre-built PCs are definitely convenient and quick. If you have the budget, then you can have the most powerful future-proof system without the hassle of building one.


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