Space for Your Baby

Psychologists recommend equipping a separate room for a child at about three years old. At this age, a child can safely live in a room without his parents and not experience discomfort. However, at 2-4 years old, kids begin to form their character, preferences, interests, and hobbies. All this can be best displayed in the interior of a children’s room. offers many different individual solutions for the design of the children`s room.

General Factors

  • Location. The children’s room should not be a walk-through. Also, when planning a nursery, it is advisable to move it away from the entrance and the kitchen. This will prevent odors and drafts from entering the room.
  • Lighting. Choose a room with good natural light. If this is not the case, take care of sufficient artificial lighting in the room.
  • Safety. To avoid injuring your baby, purchase special silicone pads for the corners of the furniture. Also, choose furniture made from environmentally friendly materials to avoid child allergies.

Tips to Create a Perfect Safe Room

  • Avoid bright colors. Many parents believe that the children’s room is a must-see riot of colors. However, it is not. If you are equipping a nursery for a toddler, it is best to use light pastel colors. This way, the child will feel safe and secure.
  • Consult with your child. If you are setting up a nursery with your child, you should not rely on stereotypes. If you have a girl, this does not mean that it is imperative to decorate the room in pink. Ask your child what colors and patterns he/she wants to see in his/her room. Rely on this information to make your child’s personal space as comfortable as possible.
  • Order an individual design. Make your child a dream room in which he/she will feel like in a fairy tale. Dragons produce custom-made furniture for projects of any complexity. All illustrations are hand-drawn by professional artists. With such a room design, your child will always feel like in a magical cozy world.

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