Insomnia is a general problem these days. Physicians often come across patients who are struggling with their sleeping pattern and insist to prescribe some medication to get sound sleep. Sleep deprivation doesn’t occur in one day, it starts with single nights and then prolongs gradually. There aren’t any accurate hours of sleep for all individuals. Depending upon every person’s lifestyle, their sleep patterns are decided.

There are many reasons for sleep deprivation

  • Work pressure, stress and anxiety are some common reasons for lack of sleep. Since competition is everywhere and companies demand more from their employees therefore, everyone is stressed out as they have a family to look after.
  • Coffee is one of the favorite drinks of Americans, which keeps them fresh and active all-day long. However, some people take coffee at night, this keeps their mind alert at night leading to insomnia.
  • Inappropriate diet where some people eat less and starve all night and some eat unhealthy and feel restless.
  • Excessive intake of nicotine in cigarette is also harmful. Nicotine boosts brain and energy level keeping a person awake whole night.
  • The most significant thing that matters, even if you have healthy lifestyle is your bed and its mattress. If foam is uneven then, it puts strain on joints and does not provide support to your body, this leads to pain in the lower back and numbness.

It is also observed that some materials used in mattresses are highly toxic and pollute your room. Thus, people are switching to organic material instead of synthetic. Moreover, synthetic foam emits hot air which makes you feel warm at night. Some common materials like vinyl, polyurethane, adhesives are made from chemical that lead to serious health problems. Organic material improves your breathing problem and doesn’t hold dust and allergens like synthetic materials.

Mattress Inquirer is an online guide that helps you select the perfect version of mattress for your bed by providing accurate reviews about each brand. Irrespective of price and company, they are unbiased about all products. It is meant to give you an idea of how the industry works and if all brands are selling similar products then how you can segregate your mattress from the crowd.

Here are some tips to help you buy a healthy mattress

  • Avoid materials like vinyl, metal, chemical flame retardant, polyurethane etc. that are highly toxic. They enclose dust and allergens and spread infection all over the room.
  • Avoid those mattresses that claim to be antibacterial, stain repellants and anti wrinkle because this means that the foam contains chemicals to keep it in good condition.
  • Check what kind of adhesive is being used in your mattress. Some adhesives are toxic chemicals that emit certain gas which shouldn’t be inhaled.
  • Avoid buying mattresses online unless you’re not sure about the material used in it. Generally, we get attracted with heavy discounts provided online but, most stores try removing old stock in it.

If your bed’s comfy and you still cannot sleep nicely then try making these few amendments in your lifestyle –

  • Set a routine to sleep and waking up so that you know when to wind up work and what time to set alarm.
  • Reduce your nap timing if you cannot completely avoid it. Long naps relaxes your brain and keeps you active even at night, hence it is good to take nap but, not for more than 25 minutes in a day.
  • Remove all electronic gadgets from your bedside and come to rest mode one hour before you sleep. Dim your room lights and listen to soft music or read a book.
  • Avoid unhealthy meals, caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes before sleeping. They keep you active entire night and disturb your sleep.

Following these few steps can help you relax yourself entirely and wake up fresh. Help yourself by changing your lifestyle before you blame your mattress.

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