Spotify is one hell of an amazing platform, and it has more than 180 million users at the moment.

Now that’s a big number isn’t it? The Sweden-based music application has got millions of track under its hood, and it allows you to listen songs over any device. You get a variety of tracks, ranging from podcasts to songs which are produced or composed by established media companies and music artists. You can buy a premium subscription or continue using a free version of the platform while listening to ads time to time and not able to switch tracks forward and backward – it’s up to you to buy it or not.

This a general overview of the whole platform. And if you happen to be a music artist, and are willing to go live in front of your fans, then Spotify can be the right choice for you.

Spotify does allow you to publish your tracks over the platform, and some of the artists have achieved great results and came popular and well-known for their music by doing the same.

How can you as an artist start your career? If you start posting your songs, then how will you get that push, so that you reach the top? In a nutshell, how can you conquer a lot of Spotify plays?

Let’s have a close look at it, so that you can work for the same!

Getting Spotify Plays

Well, being a great performing artist isn’t just enough for promoting your tracks all over the world and to make people buy your music and play it here and there. At least till the time you are not established well-known music artist supported by the scene toppers and the genre community. It’s a sad fact, but then again it’s true.

Your talent will not back your popularity if you don’t have a lot of fans and people waiting to listen to your songs and to buy it. So you will need to gather people over to your profile. And for attracting people, it will be important that you promote your tracks, over all the social media platforms. You can create business profiles over all those platforms, and show that you are working as a music artist over Spotify .

For being the top artist, you will have to enter a lot of places, which are online based. And you will also have to learn a lot of skills, in order to get to the top and score hundreds of thousands or even millions plays on Spotify. Those skills include marketing, branding, promoting and even getting to know popular faces from your industry.

It’s not that promoting your tracks over social media will be just enough. Definitely you can think of producing music with some other talented and famous artist, so that you get many plays on Spotify and other platforms from his audience and you are noticed by some of the great music directors, producers, etc.

More than that, your own skill of sharing your work life as well as dealing with clients, artists, directors, etc., will also play an important role. If you are humble, generous and ready to accept new ideas and solutions from the people with whom you are working, then the chances are high that they will have a positive impression of you.

In a business such as Spotify, your work will not only depend on your skills as well as talent, but also on your fans who are going to support you through your tough times. And customers that buy you songs finally are also an important factor.

This is one of the most important tips which most people ignore. But even if you are able to scale up successfully, then you should not forget that every fan should be respected and treated equally. Biases towards some may result in your downfall, and it actually becomes an important thing when you have stardom.

Apart from that, you can also post some of your songs for free so that people get to know about your style, and are able to taste your music. If everything comes for a price, then there are some users who will show a bit of reluctance and buy it. In order to make you music more credible and put it into a better light you can buy Spotify plays on a single track, on a playlist of yours or on an album. The platform is constantly growing so websites like offer some paid marketing strategies and products to boost your music with. So use it wisely and be prepared for the jump, and till then take care of things such as connecting with your fans and the people who appreciate your tracks.

When you scale up, you can also do a giveaway of your merchandise! People love to buy merchandise because it is one of the ways to keep a great time in memory and they will love it a lot more in case it’s free.  That will further attract a lot of users from all the World.  And giveaways, etc., are actually quite fascinating and it does help in creating a huge fan base.

These are some of the tips, in order to stay at the top of your industry, and you should keep a check on all these.

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