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Chances are, you love travelling a lot more than your skin does. The change in temperature and climate, and the general dryness of airplanes, can leave your skin worse for wear when travelling — this is why it’s a good idea to adapt your skincare routine to your destination. 

Everyone wants to look their best while on vacation, but no one wants to carry around heavy products. Instead of packing your entire makeup case when you go away, consider the products you’ll want to leave at home, bring with you, and the best way to pack them. 

Don’t make the beauty mistakes that so many make when travelling:  

Skipping Skin Care 

Your skin doesn’t take a vacation, so why take a vacation from your skin? It’s when you’re on vacation that your skin needs you the most. If you want to look your best while you’re away, you’ll need to give your skin some extra love in the form of moisturizing and nourishing skincare products. Avoid skipping the creams and moisturizers when you’re vacationing, because it’s when you’re in a new dry or even damp environment that your skin will need that extra TLC. 

Not Carefully Packing Powder-Based Makeup

When powder products are not packed properly, they come into contact with your other belongings and get damaged as a result.

When you pack powder products, take precautions to avoid getting a mess of powder all over your clothing. Wrap a towel or clothing tightly around your powder products to keep them intact and protected from the other items in your suitcase.

Readers Digest also suggests putting material like a cotton ball tissue or sponge in a compact between the mirror and product to keep ittight and secure. 

Packing Single Use Products

When you are packing, it’s important to make every inch of space count. Instead of packing a lot of items that all do one thing, opt for dual-use or multi-purpose items that will remove the need to pack the entire contents of your makeup bag and bathroom shelf. 

Dual products on the market range from multi-use makeup sticks to eyeliners that double as eyebrow pencils. These items aren’t just travel friendly; they’re cost effective too!

Not Bringing a Pillowcase

The reality is that you don’t know how well your hotel or hostel pillowcase was washed. A dirty pillowcase can wreak havoc on your skin in the form of an acne breakout and can also have less than desirable effects on your hair. 

A pillow will take up a lot of space in your luggage, but a newly washed pillowcase that’s silk or another soft material will take up minimal room.Swap out the pillowcase on the pillow provided for yours, and you’ll be able to get the beauty sleep your skin deserves

Only Wearing Sunscreen on the Beach

There are plenty of health advantages to the sun, but it’s UV ways can be detrimental to your skin. Many only put sunscreen on when they expect to be lounging by the pool all day in the sun, but the reality is that this is not enough.

Whether you are swimming or walking around, make sure you’re protecting your face with SPF. You can get burnt in the shade too, so be diligent about reapplying. 

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