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Coliving isn’t a new concept even though it is just recently becoming popular in cites like New York, Washington DC and San Francisco. However, coliving is not limited by specific geographical locations. For many people, it is the only way to live and work in a new city, whilst it has become a way of life to others. Business owners have also cashed in the term as they are beginning to transform this fast spreading trend into a successful business venture.

What is coliving and coworking?

Simply put, coliving is when people who don’t know each other, share a living space or house. It is not however, the same as communal living. It is a dorm style house and nowadays it has even become common to share a working area and dining spaces for people to even eat together. Many of the business owners behind this new way of living, do so with the intention of bringing urban dwellers together under the same roof. This is done so that people can build a community instead of just share a communal living area. Single people and professionals are grasping this phenomenon as it assists them in saving money.  Coworking is a term coined by Brian Dekoven, a game designer. The first co-working space was established in San Francisco in 2005 with the intention of fostering a connection amongst isolated businesses in an environment that was non-competitive.

Benefits of coliving and coworking

Many young professionals choose coliving options to help them grow on a personal and a professional level. The benefits include:

  1. Privacy when you need it

Even though we live in an era where social media is taking over, people are missing physical interaction with others. Coliving gives people the opportunity to interact with new people whilst still giving them the privacy that they need.

  1. Freedom to move and peace of mind

The new generation of youth want the freedom to be able to move as and when their jobs require. Coliving makes this possible as residents are not tied down to a lease agreement. One of the benefits of coliving is that the property is usually partially or fully furnished with amenities that you would usually enjoy at a hotel.

  1. Home comfort

Despite the home being sectioned into various rooms, it offers a homely experience for the resident. People are able to sit down and have a conversation with another person over a meal or coffee, thereby allowing them the chance to get acquainted.

There are many benefits of coworking as well:

  1. People can pay less for a space instead of renting an office
  2. Internet connect is usually provided
  3. Privacy to work on your own with the office culture present

What’s next?

The intentional community is a planned community of dwellers that is brought together to promote teamwork and social cohesion. It is increasingly becoming popular amongst old and young alike, as well as professionals who may not even have the chance to connect with people due to their busy lifestyles.

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