A Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to thank the employees for their hard work over the past year. However, companies are increasingly abandoning traditional Christmas celebrations. Instead, the trend is moving towards unusual parties where the Christmas party is turned into a memorable experience. Are you also looking for an inspiring idea for your next Christmas party? We have suggestions for you!

Christmas barbecue party

A winter barbecue is especially suitable when the staff is quite large. The emphasis of such a celebration lies on a cosy get-together in a Christmassy ambience. Warm clothes (warm shoes, gloves, hat, scarf) are an absolute must. In order to create the winter atmosphere, you have to be creative. You can achieve a big effect with little effort:

  • Campfire or Swedish fire – it creates atmosphere and warmth. Here you can cook stick bread or sausages!
  • Torches – Ideal to brighten up the winter night.
  • Hot drinks – mulled wine or punch keep you pleasantly warm and create a good mood!
  • Radiant heaters – are almost indispensable as heat sources.

Engage a catering service that takes care of the grilling so that everyone can join in and nobody has to spend the evening at the grill!

Recording studio excursion

Invite your employees to a recording studio! There they will produce their own company or department CD with Christmas songs. This is not only an unforgettable experience, but also an original gift for your employees and customers! It is also an effective teambuilding measure.

Theme parties

At theme parties you can let your creativity run wild! They are perfect for creating a uniquely funny and relaxed Christmas party where everyone likes to party with you. And disguises are absolutely indispensable. Consider casino nights, 80s party, traditional costume party or après-ski styled parties.

Cooking in a team

Under the guidance of a chef, the participants prepare a multi-course, sophisticated Christmas menu. Role distributions and dynamics can be tested in a playful way. Cooking together is not only fun, but also has a lasting effect, this has a positive effect on your team development. Two birds with one stone!

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