A new expression has been thrown around a lot in the media that is the ‘New Normal’.  People are saying that the world in 2020 has changed rapidly and perpetually. Whatever we used to think as normal has changed overnight. A new set of rules has emerged. The education sector is no different and not excluded from these rules. Till now we have seen how the schooling system worked. Little children in kindergarten played with one another, they held hands freely, played on the sandbox; all that is about to change. Nowadays we can’t even imagine that children would play like that. We are all scared for the outbreak of the Coronavirus.  That is why the new normal in education is online schooling. There are various education portals which can teach you online. 

What these websites offer

The education websites offer exciting new lessons for children that are both fun and informative. They read the eBooks with great attention as the books are filled with delightful videos and games. There are reading and writing courses. One can read fiction and non-fiction books, interesting journals and do crossword puzzles too. The kids learn effortlessly because they discern that they are having fun while learning. Learning A-Z is one such website that offers multiple easy to comprehend courses for children. There are live webinars for children that they can attend. It is just like attending a class online. The students can voice out the questions that they have. All the webinars are hosted by skilled professional educators who have a better understanding of child-psychology, not to mention innate knowledge about the subject that they are instructing. 

Interesting books

Various education websites offer level based books. These books are divided based on the level of education and age. As one moves forward the level the comprehensive skills and vocabulary skills get improved. The books are written in such a captivating way that the children are bound to finish the exercises and would come for more. There are class textbooks available on these education websites as well. Those who are homeschooled can also take advantage of these outlets. The parents can access these websites to find out valuable ways they can tutor the children. There are ample amount of materials and books that one can use for one’s advantage. 

Different courses

These educational websites offer various courses. They also offer trail courses. There are different sectors devoted to various contents. You can access the whole range of subjects or you can take the assistance of a specific subject. Maybe your child is a bit weak in mathematics, so you purchase a course that will guide your child with math equations. You can be assured that skilled teachers will pay a great deal of attention to every kind of math needs. The same thing goes for different subjects as well. You can also let your kids learn foreign languages that might be helpful in future. Kids love to learn about different cultures and languages. Studies show that kids learn a foreign language faster than adults. 

It is wise to check the free courses first to know what you are getting into. If your kids find the study materials fascinating you can purchase products and services from the sites. Another important tip would be, you must check the site’s credibility before allowing your kids to learn from the same. There are various portals that are unauthorized or might be not up to the mark when it comes to children’s education. You should only trust reputed websites and web portals for your children. 

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