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Criminal and violent acts occur everywhere! If you thought that the outside world is the only place for unlawful and violent acts, you need to know better. Today, people behave in a disorderly manner in their homes as well. It is what forms the premise of a domestic violence crime scene.

Over the years, domestic violence has taken many shapes and forms. Sometimes, it was people beating up, harassing and attacking their spouses, and on other times, individuals wreaking havoc by inflicting physical harm on them. However, there’s always a chance of an innocent person charged guilty of domestic violence, when he/she acted in self-defense. It is essential to free this person from jail and prove him/her innocent at the court. For this, you have to say yes to a bail bond company. To know more on this, you can get in touch with Castle Bail Bonds

However, before you dial a bail bond company, you need to answer a few critical questions.

  1. What is a domestic violence/crime bail bond?

If a defendant is accused of domestic violence or an unlawful act in his house, he/she will get arrested depending on the damage done. However, if you are sure that the defendant acted on defense and didn’t intend harm, you need to call a bail bonds company for availing the bail amount. The bail bond agent from the company clears the bail amount. And this sets the defendant free from prison. He/she can go home, appoint a lawyer, do the necessary research, help the lawyer prepare a strong case, and fight all the accusations thrown at him. 

  1. When should you contact a bail bond company?

You need to get in touch with a bail bond company that grants bail amount for domestic violence crimes. Once the bond is set, you can go ahead and get in touch with the company. Make sure that you connect with an expert bail bond company or agency that doesn’t levy massive interest on you. That way, you will be missing out on your capital. It might cause hindrance to other arrangements you have to make to prove the defendant innocent. 

  1. What is the bail amount for domestic violence crime or domestic assault?

Domestic violence is a relative crime! Sometimes, criminals accused of domestic violence have a record of similar acts. In such a case getting a bail is challenging. However, if it’s the defendant’s first time, the bail amount depends on the damage created. Alternatively, if you are appealing bail for a defendant who is entirely free of charge, you need to present some proof and based on that the bail amount gets decided.

  1. What happens after the bail is granted?

Once the domestic violence bail is granted, the defendant is set free from jail. However, he/she is required to make court appearances as and when required by the court. Any violation will result in a penalty. 

These are a set of essential pros and cons you need to learn about domestic violence bail bonds. There can be other clauses as well based on the crime. You can check with a reputed bail bond company to know more. 

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