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Canada is a beautiful country.  It is among the most popular places that offer enchanting camping destinations.  For those who are planning to camp Canada with their family, we have come up with some valuable information.  The country is full of attractive spots where you can spend some exhilarating time.

Top campgrounds for Camp Canada Family Fun

Camping with family can be a great way to bond together. You can enjoy some quality time with your partner and kids in a joyous manner and make some beautiful memories. Here are a few most suitable places for camping with your families.

Gold Rusk Campground (Yukon)   

The campground is situated in the centre of city Dawson. It is undoubtedly the best camping site in Yakon. Many amenities are offered here that makes the place perfect for your family fun. Some of the facilities provided here include running water, shower, and laundry.

In addition to these, free internet is also offered, and hence you can go live on social platforms to share your experience with the world in real time. Besides, you can explore the mining tours and attend some music festivals which are held in July.  Interestingly, you can bring your pets to the campsite as well, but they must not be unleashed. The place remains open from May to September.

Blackstone Territorial Park

The Blackstone Territorial Park is a fantastic place to enjoy camping with the family. The glorious mountain range of Nahanni, wildlife and sparkling rivers make the area perfect for spending pleasurable time with family. You can enjoy kayaking and canoeing. The Blackstone and the Laird rivers run through this territorial park which offers more than 15 campsites that are non-powered.

Choose the appropriate spot and enjoy the forested trails. The jungle gym is also there for kids’ entertainment. The camping season begins there in the middle of May, and it lasts until the middle of September. The charges may vary depending on your preferred location and time. Therefore, you must contact the park authorities first and make reservations. click here for more details​​​​​​​

Kettle River

The Campground situated at the Kettle Valley in an attractive spot for family camping in Canada. The Ponderosa Pine marks the family destination park stands scattered among the bunchgrass areas. The campsite also includes the uninhabited part of the Pacific Canadian railway. The railway route at the kettle valley is available for the campers to walk on. Your kids can also enjoy cycling there.

You can also cross over the old bridge to move across the river. This bridge was built in the 1900s, and interestingly it is still intact. Thus, the history lovers will find it a fascinating place to enjoy camping. Besides, you can also enjoy swimming, kayaking, tubing, and canoeing in the Kettle River. For the kids, a playground is also available at the site. Lastly, the camping season runs from May to September.


Camping in Canada can be an unforgettable experience for you. The country has several excellent spots that can provide you with a thrilling and adventurous experience. If you wish to have a trouble-free experience, you must choose the place wisely. Mainly, for family tours, you must be very careful in the selection of a suitable spot. We have mentioned some of the most appropriate sites to enjoy family time in Camp Canada.  Choose your pick, and enjoy camping with your family.

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