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Each and every call is important to business. You never know which one will turn out to be the game changing call for your business. You should be answering each call without a miss professionally. And to do so call forwarding will serve as your best companion.

Call forwarding, though sounds to be simple, can be of great help to your business if done in the most appropriate way. It is a feature that directs phone call done to a number to different numbers.

Nowadays, businesses are not confined to just 10 to 5 . You should make yourself 24×7 available to your customers to prevail through competitive market conditions. Call forwarding give you the power to receive calls even when you are not at the office premises.

The benefits of call forwarding are rewarding. Below stated are a few of them.

Makes you available anytime

As discussed above, one of the major concern for any business is to make themselves available to customers anytime, even after working hours. Call forwarding is the best tool to help you do so.

Furthermore, the advancement in the call system will help your customer’s call get connected to a multiple phone, unless and until it is answered. You can always assure your customers that you will be readily available to help them without fail, whenever they need you.

Provides you wings to move

Many business requires the employees to move out of office to interact with people. Call forwarding provides you with the much needed mobility for your business. You can enjoy the privilege of being anywhere, still answering each and every, without your caller even getting an idea that you are not in office premises.

No worrying about a call going unanswered if you need to walk out of the office for any official or personal undertaking. Call forwarding will help your customer’s phone calls get hooked to your cell phone or home landlines.

Dodging voice mail

Voice mail is many a time a no-no from the customers, as it lacks personal touch and  customers also believe that there voice mails may go unheard. Voice mail is mostly the last resort a customer wants to hear/ leave. Call forwarding helps the customers skip the risk of landing into a voice mail. You can set their calls to be forwarded to multiple phone numbers before banging your voice mail box.

Aids globalisation

In the present business scenario where globalisation is the need of hour, call forwarding plays a vital role. You can route all your customer’s calls from various locations to a particular office phone number. This helps to make you give a more professional look and make you pretend that you are not very distantly located from them.

Moreover, use of toll free have come forward to help the customers make calls without spending a single penny. These toll free numbers can be hooked to your main phone lines using the call forwarding system.

Better customer service

Call forwarding helps you direct your customer’s call to the required executive who can solve their queries at once. The customer need not waste their time explaining their queries to executives who cannot handle their problems. This aids better customer satisfaction helping you maintain long term relationship with customers.

Cost effective

Call forwarding is one of the cheapest way to connect to your customers uninterruptedly.

It requires no heavy activation or installation cost. Moreover, there is no maintenance cost.

For the customers, it is pocket friendly as they can call on toll free numbers avoiding any calling cost, even for long distance calls.

Calls forwarding based on schedules

The modernisation in call forwarding system has given the business a number of advantages. Now you can have a complete control on which number the calls will be forwarded depending on the time of the day they are made. You can set schedules for your calls to be forwarded on different phone numbers depending on whether it is done in morning, afternoon or evening. According to the availability of agents calls can be forwarded to their mobile phones, home or office phone number at that particular time.

Call forwarding to multiple numbers

Call forwarding has given you the option to forward your calls to queues of people in organization. This ensures that none of your calls go unattended. Calls can be forwarded to a group simultaneously/ distributed evenly / distributed in a particular hierarchy to  individuals in a particular group. This also helps you keep a tract of employee’s performance by tracking the individual who attends the maximum number of calls.

Call forwarding to computers

Call forwarding services can be utilised to forward calls to computers using CallTrackingMetrics’ browser-based softphone. This helps you travel internationally without even carrying your mobile phones. You just need to set the settings to direct your phone calls to your computers and within seconds this will be done for you.

Call forwarding in the present era of VoIP is not only confined to forwarding calls on your own office phone number or mobile phone. You can now have a variety of call forwarding options with the various companies coming forward for call forwarding. These companies also provide you with tools to change your routing settings at any time with just few clicks. Get going. Choose the right service provider and call-forwarding can help you provide unparalleled dimensions to your business!!

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