A café is an establishment that primarily serves coffee drinks like espresso, latte, cappuccino that depends on the country, other drinks including alcoholic. They also serve cold drinks such as iced tea and iced coffee while in continental Europe, cafés serve alcoholic drinks also. A cafe may also serve some type of food, such as sandwiches, light snacks, muffins or other pastries. Cafés are now flourished as a small business to large multinational companies.

The coffee drinking is popular for a couple of years back. Coffee is now habit or primary necessity of working class people, some as also the addiction to the coffee because it serves as a fuel to begin the day. Cafes are now offering great coffee, tasty food, French boulangerie-style baking and lot more. Bangsar is a place that is popular for good food. Korean deserts, Steak,  giant milkshakes, pastries, they have all. It is almost impossible to visit each and every place so we are going to help you through the list of top 5 cafes in Bangsar. You must really visit these cafes.

Alexis Bistro

Alexis offers most pleasurable contemporary dining and entertainment experiences to their customers. There are  Many elements that make the Alexis experience special. Here, You’ll find, warm, inventive cuisine of the highest quality co-existing with local delicacies, stylish award-winning interiors, impeccable service, famously delicious home-made cakes; and the finest music in town. It has a wide menu of everything that you want to eat. It is famous for their cakes, especially pavlova and tiramisu. They also offer a good range of international fine wines.


An antipodean is an amazing place for a cup of coffee. Its goal is to create a central spot, a meeting place where foreigners and locals can chat, meet,  gossip, and chill out over a cup of excellent coffee with romance. Its menu includes usual breakfast, plates of pasta, pizza, waffles, cakes and Western main courses. Its long menu is written on the walls of the café.


Breakfast Thieves brings the best of its Melbourne breakfast to Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Its interior looks like glasshouse with its, light-colored wooden pillars, floor to ceiling windows and furnishings. Their bestselling dishes are from brunch menu with quirky names such as Mr. Terry Benedict and My French Lady.  It is a bit expensive side because of its dish of 24-hours slow braised beef cheeks with Yuzu-infused egg benedicts but its worth it and you will remember its taste for weeks.

Ojo Coffee


Ojo Coffee is located along one of the busiest streets of Jalan Telawi near Bangsar Village, the location is one of Bangsar’s most well-loved coffee spot. It has a white and beaming interior that creates is an ideal place to have a productive discussion with your client and friends. Its top-notch coffee boosts your brain power because of the star of their menu.

VCR (Bangsar)

VCR café is a chill place to watch the afternoon drive-by ceiling, kind of like a glasshouse allowing natural light to fall through easily from which you can see. It’s name taken by the video recorder of the 70s. Its interior contains yellow hue lights with the darker colors counter, kitchen contrasted by a little white shade, concrete floors. and wood and steel furnishing with the shiny tabletop. Its menu has a good list of savory dishes from the crowd-favorite big breakfast to French toast, sweet dishes like fresh berry compote, espresso ice cream, and mocha sauce.


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