Especially in the dark season, most people lack sunrays and encouraging colours, no matter how beautiful a summer may be, at some point even a dream holiday is over and autumn and winter are slowly moving in. After the leaves have disappeared from the trees, a lot of rain has fallen on the earth, the first frost and snow come to visit us. Of course, a walk in winter cold and sunshine is something beautiful, but most of us spend more time in our own four walls. Exactly this speaks for bringing some color into the game at home, a comfortable home is worth gold. For example, a little abstract art in the form of colourful pictures can make the dark time friendlier, as many people actually have problems with the prolonged darkness. A pleasant environment can be a real miracle.

Hence our call; bring colour to your apartments and houses and breathe life into any joyless and dreary areas with colourful images. All those who are bothered by the darkness should think about how to brighten and make the apartment friendlier. If you decide to buy paintings, choose pictures in warm shades. Bright light colors support the release of the messenger substance melatonin, so we do not get tired so quickly and stay awake longer. In Germany you can easily buy art at the

Warm, bright colours actually brighten the mood and counteract a depressive mood. It is basically a real child’s play to simply purchase one or more colourful pictures, hang them up and benefit from them. On the Internet the choice is huge, a visit to an art gallery is not necessary. A home with chic paintings and intense colours will drive away the winter blues. Bringing light and colour into your home has nothing to do with magic, so just start changing things at home and creating a positive atmosphere.

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