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With four out of five people falling victim to soreness of their spines at some point in their lives, it’s no wonder prevention of this issue is such a popular topic. This kind of discomfort can take the form of a constant, throbbing ache or even prevent certain movements.

With our spines being one of the most important but least well taken care of parts of the body, medical experts have continually encouraged the adoption of preventive lifestyle adjustments. The way someone carries out their day to day activities will affect how much back pain relief they will eventually require.

The following will go through some of the most effective methods for preventing spinal damage. These simple self-help strategies are surprisingly useful in maintaining excellent spinal health.

Staying Active

Contrary popular belief, limiting physical activity is actually less healthy for the spine than carrying out exercises. Resting is always important when an ache or injury is present, but too much lying down won’t help resolve the discomfort.

Frequent physical activity helps ease inflammation and any muscle tension. If big movements are too painful then people can always start slowly and work their way up.

Staying Thin

While many people might not want to hear it, it’s definitely true that being overweight has a variety of negative health effects. One of these is an increased amount of pressure on the spine.

Since increased weight, especially in the midsection will change someone’s centre of gravity there will be an increased amount of strain on the lower areas of the spine.


Spinal discomfort can sometimes occur and remain because of the way someone is sleeping. People who sleep on their stomachs or harder surfaces will often wake up with aches in their spine.

It is recommended to sleep in a sideways position with knees tucked up towards the chest. Another method is to support the knees and lower back with pillows.

The way people sleep is just as important at the way they work and play when trying to achieve back pain relief.


One of the leading causes of spinal discomfort is the posture which people assume when remaining in one spot for long periods. This usually occurs when people are working at computers for multiple hours a day and put strain on their spine.

Having a chair with a straight backing or that is designed around lower back support is the best way to avoid discomfort. Having the chair isn’t enough; people actually have to sit in it properly, resting their back into the chair.

People should try to keep their knees at waist height while sitting. If they need to stand for long periods then they should keep their heads up and alternate their centre of gravity between feet.

Lifting Technique

A commonly forgotten method of ensuring spinal health, the way people lift heavy objects is really important. People should always bend their knees and carry the wait on their legs rather than bend over unnaturally.

It’s best not to twist the body while lifting and to keep the object as close as possible. It’s also much easier on the spine to push heavy objects rather than pull them.


There are several types of restrictive clothing that are guilty of causing spinal discomfort. High heels and skinny jeans are both clothing items that restrict the way in which people move and force them into certain postures while they move.

Final Thoughts

There are so many things we do in our everyday lives that are not very healthy for our spines. While sometimes they can’t be avoided, there are certainly ways to mitigate the damage they cause.

If the damage is done then it may be necessary to seek out back pain relief from a chiropractor near me, as they can assist in resolving the issue.

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