Windows is an advanced operating system that has a wide range of administrators around the world. Data is a crucial aspect for millions of administrators as they have a business to take care of, and Windows does not come with advanced functions. Microsoft should have added advanced data options in regular software and server OS, but they skipped it instead.

However, many software companies in the world have introduced new data handling solutions. One search is enough to find hundreds of results, but it is not easy to test them all and find the ideal solution. We are going to end the hunt by introducing R-Drive Image for the readers.

What is R-Drive Image?

R-Drive Image is an advanced Windows program that is designed for administrators who are looking to copy data from one location to another location. Tons of features make the program suitable for individuals and enterprise usage. Let us look at the premium tool that helps the users to copy data from one drive to another with minimal impact. If you want to try the premium tool for free then you can download the trial version.

  1. Create Drive Image

It is not easy to carry data securely from one drive to another drive. Readers don’t know that they can carry data to deliver it to the right storage device. R-Drive Image allows the users to create an image of the storage device and move it to another location. The program does not require the machine to restart and focus on what’s important, while R-Drive Image will create a 100% image copy of the drive. You can carry it in any storage device and restore it to the new one later on or until you find the correct storage device. In short, it is easy to create a drive or partition image file and restore it anywhere else.

  1. Disk-to-Disk Copy

The developers designed the program to clone partition/drive and move it to another one. Yes, you don’t need a Dual-PC setup because R-Drive Image will create an image file and then copy it to another drive/partition of the choice. Readers can resize the storage device to match the copied data while the operation is in progress. You don’t have to restart the PC to stop the background work because it doesn’t interrupt other tasks.

  1. Supported Drives

We are talking about advanced data image file creation and moving it to another drive. The American developer R-Tools Technology has improved the existing product lineup for two decades. The developer has ensured that R-Image Drive supports all existing storage devices like Mechanical Hard Disk, USB Flash Drive, External HDD, SSD, External SSD, USB 2.0 Sticks, SD Card, Mini SD Card, Micro Stick, etc. We can keep on going about the device support, but it won’t end because the developer did a good job.

  1. Supported File System

The American company knows that the advanced image file creation tool is used by professionals and individuals. So it is obvious that R-Drive Image supports a wide range of file systems, and the developers designed it keeping enterprise demands in mind. The program supports storage devices that have FAT, ReFS, NTFS, ExFAT, Ext, HFS, APFS, UFS, etc. You can check out the official page for in-depth information on the supported file system, and it won’t disappoint you.

  1. Minimum System Requirements

The majority of the software have physical hardware demand so it can perform the actions and tasks smoothly. R-Drive Image is developed by R-Tools Technology, which has been around since 2000.

CPU: Minimum Dual-Core clocked at 1GHz

RAM: Minimum 512MB

Storage: Minimum 1GB of free space after installing the program (300MB)

Operating System: Windows XP or later

In short, R-Drive Image is not a hardware resource-hungry program, and you can run it smoothly on older machines. Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about compatibility as it works flawlessly on Intel & AMD based machines.

Bottom Line

The American software company does not ask the newcomers to input credit card details or create a free account to use the trial version. We have tested the product on Windows 10, and it does not ask for any details, and you are free-to-use. The advanced image file creating solution pricing starts from $44.95 per year. Let us know what do you think about the R-Drive Image in the comment section below.

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