If you’re tired of seeking brown scum and white patches on tiles, then read out this page and get to know about the best solution that may help to get back your beautiful home with refreshing energy.

Home is precious to everyone. You spend half of your life making your dream home. You keep it clean and maintain with your great efforts, but sometimes these stubborn water spots diminish your house appearance. Most ladies have a complaint about these water spots and you may be shocked to know, every day there are lots of searches made on the internet to know about remedies to get rid of it.  

If you also like us, so do not worry!

We have a perfect and Absolute Floor stripping as a solution for you. As the owner or home minister of your house, it is your responsibility to keep it clean and free from such stains. Maybe you’re doing your best by using various chemicals and other remedies, but results were not that you need.

In the marketplace, there are various methods out there, but most of them use chemicals. These are good to see instant results, but these damages tiles and make it rough and sometimes ugly. And I am sure you don’t want it.

So, what is the solution?

The bathroom is the place where most of the water hard spots appear. The reasons are quite common such as running a tap, use of the shower, and not cleaned properly. Well, there are multiple ways to clean your tiles easily and smartly with kitchen ingredients. Here, I will discuss only 3 of the best methods with you, which I use and observe great results much better than branded products.

  1. White Vinegar

It is a common kitchen ingredient used in almost all kitchens of India especially. It is also a safe and cleaning ingredient that has earned great status than another cleaner available in the market. This can be used for cleaning the mirror, bathroom tiles, and other hard stains. Also, this is a perfect ingredient to prevent the formation of germs and harmful pesticides in the house.

White vinegar will help you to eliminate hard spots from tiles immediately. On the consistent use, you’ll see the great results. Don’t worry it never affects the tile quality.

To prepare this solution you need white vinegar and water in the 50/50 ratio. Take a spray bottle and add 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water in it. Mist it well and spray it on the surfaces of tile or mirror. Moreover, you can use this spray for removing stains from washbasin, shink, and other items.  Or if the water spots are stubborn and you have not cleaned it for a long time, then add a little pinch of baking soda in white vinegar, the results would amaze you.

  1. Salt

Salt is a basic element that uses to add taste in food, but now you can also use this for removing stains and hard water spots from tiles and floor. It removes stubborn stains quickly as much as you use. This also kills bad bacteria, germs, and odors in the bathroom.

Before using salt, make sure tiles are completely wet. Sprinkle some salt on tiles ad leave it for an hour. After that scrub the tiles and wash it off. The longer you’ll keep salt on tiles you’ll get the best results.

  1. Borax

It is a natural chemical agent that is a great option that you may consider to remove hard water stains from the tiles. This has high alkaline, which is influential to remove stains. To use this remedy, mix borax with one cup of gallon water. Spray it on tiles and after a few minutes scrub it off using a sponge or soft brush.

These are basic and yet influential components proved by many households. The regular use can help and prevent the hard water stains for a long time.

Amazing tips which you should follow to confiscate stubborn stains

  • Build a schedule to wash your bathroom regularly with basic ingredients.
  • Try to clean water marks thoroughly so they will never come as a headache for you.
  • To keep the bathroom more refresh and clean try to use wash bathroom with warm water once in a week.
  • Adapt a habit of mopping a bathroom after every bath.
  • Try to keep your bathroom well cleaned, maintained, and soaked.
  • Forget about using chemicals or harsh products, use kitchen ingredients which are safe, effective, and in your budget.

Final words

In the house, the bathroom plays an important role in the impression of your guests. The well-maintained and clean bathroom reveals your personality that how much you’re caring. Right now, it’s time to get rid of stains. What do you think? Apply out given tips and enjoy stress- free visiting.

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