There are a lot of impressive pipe tobacco brands that can please your pipe smoking experience. You can find a lot of premium and pure pipe tobacco brands which will satisfy your smoking experience. However, it does not matter how much weird or exotic your choice is; you will still find what you are looking for.

Every pipe tobacco blend contains several amazing flavors which will take to another dimension. With every flavor, one can enjoy their smoking experience. You can be able to change your taste buds as well if you consider the following famous pipe tobacco brands.


  • Ashton Pipe Tobacco


Ashton Pipe Tobacco contains a lot of different flavors. The tobacco company  ‘Ashton ‘has put together three different products that provide a very sizzling smoking experience. It doesn’t matter what type of pipe flavors you want, with a wide variety to choose from.

Whether you want a consummate pleasure or a guilty pleasure, you can be able to find the perfect flavor for yourself without having to struggle. Your taste buds will explore a lot of different blends, and the Ashton Pipe Tobacco is proved to be the best pipe brand.


  • Condor Pipe Tobacco


Condor Pipe Tobacco is considered to be the most famous pipe tobacco brand in the entire tobacco industry. This tobacco brand has been producing many different products for several years and has now become even stronger with the variety of taste they have produced.

The most prominent feature of the Condor tobacco products is that they provide a strong and good burn, with quality. The Condor Pipe Tobacco has an English taste, and it is available in the market and local tobacco shops in Original Ready Rubbed, Blended or Long Cut. Each blend of the Condor pipe tobacco is amazing.


  • Borkum Riff Pipe Tobacco


Started in Sweden, the Borkum Riff Pipe Tobacco is considered to be the most high-status smoking brand that has gathered a lot of success. However, it has gained more love from the United States for having a wonderful Bourbon Whisky blend, and every tobacco shop that contains this brand is very proud to have.

The best pipe tobacco blends that come from this company are the Cherry Cavendish and the Original. You definitely cannot be able to do anything better than this. You can find this product from both online and a local tobacco shop.


  • Erinmore Pipe Tobacco


The Erinmore Pipe Tobacco is extracted from the cream that is taken from the crops of tobacco from all over the world. You will get to experience a fruity taste with the Erinmore pipe tobacco blends.

The taste does not only come in the beginning; it is also in the end. Erinmore is most famously for providing moisture filled tobacco products. The pipe tobaccos of this brand are very flavorful, and they will surely make a pipe smoker go crazy. You can find Erinmore pipe tobacco in a lot of different flavors.

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