Having a driveway is a luxury in the UK. Not needing to park your car on the street protects it from damage. A driveway can also help boost your home’s curb appeal. Before you settle for any basic parkway, consider some of these popular driveway paving options for your home.

Grass paving grids

According to drain cleaner dublin If you love greenery and don’t want to look at a solid block of pavement, then you’ll appreciate the natural aesthetics that grass paving grids provide. The grids allow grass to grow out of the pattern freely.

You’ll only notice a small amount of concrete poking through. Newer grass paving grids also prevent flooding because water absorbs into the grass.

Flagstone track and gravel

Another simple driveway is flagstone track and gravel. Simply lay a trail of flagstone slabs and gravel along the driveway, where the tires would hit. The middle of the path should remain untouched, letting your yard peek through.

Another option is to pour a full layer of gravel and create a brick border. Be aware, however. This type of driveway paving can’t withstand heavy traffic.

Large paving slabs

If you’re looking for something more decorative yet still simple to install, consider laying large paving slabs. Sandstone, limestone, and quartzite make excellent options. You can stick with a monotone colour scheme or pick tiles in varying hues. Feel free to design the driveway as you see fit.

Block paving

For smaller, more intricate patterns, block paving is a good solution. You can choose from many different types of blocks, including limestone and granite. Arrange the blocks to create a design or pattern.

The herringbone pattern is very popular with homeowners. You can even save money by buying irregular pieces of granite and arranging them in a crazy or freeform pattern.

Tarmac and concrete

Homeowners who want a parkway that is highly durable and easy to maintain should consider getting tarmac or concrete driveway paving. Tarmac creates a smooth surface for your car to rest. It is easy to wash and does not stain easily.

If you want something a bit more decorative, consider a patterned concrete driveway. Coloured concrete can be moulded into different shapes, letting you come up with a one-of-a-kind design. If you live on a slope, add a drain at the base of your driveway to prevent flooding.

Basic maintenance

As with any upgrade, you need to take care of your newly installed driveway. Make sure you kill any weeds that may try to grow through the cracks. It is also wise to fill in cracks as soon as they appear. Adding a seal to the surface of your driveway will prevent staining and keep weeds at bay.

At least once a year, deep clean your driveway using a pressure washer. Keeping your parkway in good condition will improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its value.

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