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The most common question that people usually ask is that, is there any crystal or gemstone that can heal the spiritual wounds and protect us against the evil forces? The answer is yes! If you truly believe in the spirits and spiritual forces which you do for sure, you can protect yourself from these evil spirits. There are countless gemstones and crystals exists that can protect you from the evil forces and negative energies but you cannot use a single type of crystal all the time to protect you. Different type of crystals can protect you in different situations and conditions. Some of the gemstones that can protect you from psychic and spiritual threats are described in detail below. We recommend reading some books on the topic to learn more about the subject, for instance there are these book reviews on the topic of crystals and gemstones, and Amazon has plenty of good books based in science.

The top four best gemstones and crystals for protection

  1. Black tourmaline:

This is the best crystal I’d recommend you for all-round protection against all the harmful spirits and forces. Black tourmaline will create an electrical force field around your aura which will repel the frequencies of dark forces to protect you from them. This is the most commonly recommended crystal for repelling un-intentional energies. The only drawback I’ve noticed after the years of study is that this will not work for intentional energies. The crystal will work only against the vibes that are sent to you intentionally and willfully.

  1. Labradorite:

The Labradorite will protect you against psychic attack, fixation, and ill-wishing. Psychic attacks are of many types and this stone will protect you against most of them like people hating on you, gossiping about you, and desiring something from you. This will also apply to the people who are fixated on you as a love interest and using you for their own need and benefit. Wearing this stone will save you by creating an armor around your heart.

  1. Tourmalinated quartz:

A clear or white quartz that has pieces of black tourmaline in it is referred to as tourmalinated quartz. With the strong metaphysical properties of these white quartz crystals, an extensive amount of light will enclose your body and will heal it on many levels.

  1. Amethyst:

Amethyst is a violet to dark purple stone, which helps develop your psychic abilities. This will let you protect and guard yourself against psychic attacks. It will banish anger, fear, anxiety, and grief from you and will help you to attain mental peace.

Four ways to use Gemstones and crystals for protection from negative energy and harm

Placing gemstones and crystals in the places where you spend most of your time will help you to protect yourself from these bad spirits and forces. There are some stones available in the market that can help you in attaining the peace of mind and can repel bad spirits and forces from you.

  1. In your home

You can place Black Tourmaline or Amethyst stones in your home in specific places to protect yourself from negative energy and enhance your safety. To create a protection crystal grid in house just place your chosen protection gems in each of the main corners of your home and/or room.

  1. In your car

We usually spend hours in our car and care about our physical protection in the car but did we ever think about our spiritual protection? Placing Amethyst, Amber, and Garnet in your vehicle to protect your spirit from negative energies. Hang a protection gemstone on your rearview mirror of car or place a crystal to ward off danger on your dashboard.

  1. At work

Bad vibes can often happen at work. Place protection crystals on your desk or over office doorway to protect you at your workplace. If you have an online business and usually spend hours at the computer then placing sunstone next to it will help you in the success of your business.

  1. On your body

You can wear and use gemstone mala beads or carry a crystal with you in your pocket or on a pendent around your neck. When doing so, it will be best to have the protective stone hidden from plain view and touching your skin if possible.

[Editor’s note: Please do your own research, and please remember this is meant for entertainment purposes. Always look for citations and credible sources when looking for important information on the internet.]