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Young people should begin making investments in their future and one of those investments includes bikes. There are numerous options in the market under different price ranges. But buying a bike that is way more expensive than your budget is just not logical. But there is nothing to fret over, and you can always start with options that fall in your bracket. Spend less money on a bike especially when there is a highly dependable option in the market and increase your savings.

It is crucial to remember that it pays to periodically check costs and keep an eye on the market when buying a new bike. Many brands in India offer the best bikes under 60000, which is a great start. Let us tell you about some of the best bikes that you can get under this budget.

Having a reasonably priced bike that is well-made to last at least 5–10 years may be sufficient for you if you only intend to use your bike for commuting or light travel.

Things to keep in mind

There are also some key features you might need to consider if you go with an affordable model. For example, an entry-level road bike might not have disc brakes or a suspension fork, which can make it harder to control in certain conditions.

A cheaper hybrid bike may have fewer gears than an equivalent high end road bike either, which could make things more difficult for beginners when they get used to riding their new bike for the first time! But these can always be upgraded with your next purchase. So, let us explore some of the best bikes under 60000 you can buy to get started.

Platina 110

The Convenient Ride: The Platina 110 is one of the best bikes under 60000 that you can invest in if you are looking for an option that lasts a long time. This bike zips effortlessly through the city, quicker and further, as it is aided by a 5-speed gearbox to combat metropolitan traffic. It also has wide footpads, improving the pillion rider’s security and grip. In addition, jerks are minimized due to the SnS Suspension that stands sturdy on various terrains.

Comfort in Style: Hours spent in traffic will not take a huge toll on your back, as this bike comes with a quilted seat, roomy passenger footrests, a rear Nitrox spring-in-spring suspension, and tubeless tires for a soft ride. Additionally, there are stylish hand guards to shield your hands from severe conditions as well. The long, plush seat that is quilted makes long-distance travel is made more comfortable for both the rider and the passenger.

CT 110X

Image source- Bajaj

Built to Last: This bike provides exceptional performance in part due to the strong 115cc DTS-i engine that provides exceptional pickup and unmatched efficiency, which is protected by a circular belly pan. The crash guards offer a safe ride regardless of how the road is. The suspension is aided to keep it fashionable and strong for simple cornering. As one of the best bikes under 60000, this bike comes with a unique carrier that is great for carrying heavier and larger objects. Hence service providers can use this as well. 

Long Haul Comfort: Double-stitched and densely cushioned seats provide the rider and passenger exceptional comfort, especially on bumpy roads. In addition, the third footrest was added for the best foot placement: On lengthy rides, it is simple to change between comfortable positions. 

With the CT100X, it can be noted that Indian markets can create the best bikes under 60000 and at 100cc. Hence, it makes waves for transport accessibility in the country and asset building for the masses.

Platina 100

Image source- Bajaj

The Smart Start: Just at the push of a button, electric-start technology allows for the easy push of a button to begin a smooth ride. The rear suspension navigates all bumps and breaks easily, no matter how rough the roads are. Being one of the best bikes under 60000, the Platina 100 has a powerful DTS-i engine that delivers unmatched performance and superb fuel efficiency. 

Comfort: Long comfortable seats are great for both the rider and the passenger on long journeys. The best bikes under 60000 are ones that will offer you a balance between on-road comfort and long-lasting performance. These bikes are easy on the pocket, and as time goes on, their features and specifications become even more sophisticated irrespective of their price point. Therefore, they make for a great investment to get you to start on your riding journey.

Wrapping Up

Bajaj and their selection of best bikes under 60000 also have everything from entry-level road bikes to commuter bikes and everything in between. So, whether you prefer commuting around town or going out on long rides, their selection of budget bikes can help you get there! Because they are ideal for any novice who doesn’t want to spend much money on their first bike but wants something dependable and capable, this list of inexpensive bikes is a great place to start!

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