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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital if you want your website pages to rank high on search engines. And while on-page SEO focuses on the actual things on your site like Meta tags, keyword density, and image optimization among others, off-page SEO centers on building your brand presence through external sources. In this post, we’ll discuss the best 5 off-page SEO techniques in 2018, and how you can use them to improve your presence and revenue on the internet.

How do Off-Page SEO Techniques Work?

The heart of off-page SEO is the generation of backlinks through other sites and blogs that refer their users to an article on your website. In this case, other domains supply the links, and these links must be high-quality and distributed across different pages if Google will rank you high.

To achieve off-page SEO, you need to work on getting backlinks consistently, as it is unrealistic to see the results in a single day or in few days. Let’s get down to discussing five best off-page SEO techniques in 2018 that are reliable for great and lasting results.

1.     Guest Posting

When you write on guest posting sites, you get 100% guarantee that you’re building your off-page SEO the best way. This number one technique is famous in the SEO world as the most natural way to get backlinks to your web pages.

It involves getting in touch with websites who have “write for us” options, and when they confirm you, you write content for their website. It requires effort, but Google loves it and it pays off well.

2.     Infographics

In 2018, infographics is one of the leading techniques for ranking your site. You only have to find websites that have written content related to your infographics. When you sell these to them, they’ll in exchange give you a backlink.

Such website webmasters include Reddit and InfographicLove.

3.     Social Media Signals

If you follow the trends in internet and technology, you’ll know that social media is equivalent to SEO. The more social shares you have, the better your off-page SEO. Twitter, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are major platforms that enjoy billions of search queries on a monthly basis.

You’ll connect with your target audience better through discussions, tweets, and likes if you find them at the right place – social media. This will, in turn, influence your off-page SEO.

4.     Quora Responses

Remember Neil Patel? Yes! He’s an SEO legend that answers questions on Quora, and in turn, increases his website visibility. Quora is the number one place to find answers to all types of questions; hence, where else would you rather be if not there?

You only have to create a profile, select the topics that relate to your website, and write answers. The best answers get noticed by Google and traffic gets started. The intention is to build your business; so, be willing to learn how to grow your business from other people who spend time there as well.

5.     YouTube Videos

Next to Google, YouTube is the secondtop search engine. By making YouTube videos, many people make a lot of money and attract and keep their audience.

Start by getting an idea of the trend in your field. Put your creativity together and come up with unique and quality videos that will earn you subscribers. While you utilize this off-page SEO technique in 2018, don’t forget to also give attention to other channels.

In all, there are other off-page SEO techniques that work but these best 5 off-page SEO techniques in 2018 have been improving(and continue to improve) the revenue and ranking of many websites on top search engines.

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