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We often view the big RVs as all we need for comfortability when going on a trip or camping. But this is not the case. Being big doesn’t always mean it is better. Even though the bigger RVs have many facilities that won’t make you remember home for as many days as you are on the road, they are still not for everyone. Bigger motorhomes and fifth wheels are not always in everyone’s price range as they are always more expensive than the smaller ones; hence people are rushing to the smaller RVs for the countless advantages packed in a small but powerful punch.

Smaller RVs have abolished the belief that they are just meant for people who can’t afford the bigger RVs but still want to enjoy the RVs lifestyle. Several wealthy and experienced RVers are currently buying smaller RVs for the countless benefits a smaller RV offers. Here are many benefits of small RVs that you cannot overlook.


The cost of a smaller RV is cheaper when compared to the bigger RVs. Many fifth wheels and motorhomes cost thousands of dollars. Bigger RVs aren’t an option for smaller families as they might not be able to bear the cost. Small RVs, range from $10,000 to $30,000. Smaller RVs help save costs.

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The cost of storing your RVs when they are not in use is also a significant factor when considering the type of RV to buy. Smaller RVs cost less to store, and they can even fit into your property without attracting a scene to your house or making your neighbours grumble.

Towing power

Smaller RVs do not need a V8 engine or a mega-ton truck before you can tow them. They are designed to be towed by lightweight trucks or smaller SUVs.

Easier to drive

Unlike the bigger RVs, smaller RVs are easy to drive and maneuver through gas stations and cities. Bigger RVs need other equipment that makes driving easy and avoids accidents. Taking a u-turn or seeing other objects at the back of a bigger RV can be tricky and tasking because of its large size, but it is not the case with smaller RVs. Also, it is easy to get accommodation when you pull up to a campground as your smaller RVs can fit into shorter RV spaces. Having a smaller RV saves you the stress of seeking accommodation when camping.

Easier to maintain

Smaller RVs can be maintained with lesser cost when compared to the bigger RVs. Their components are smaller; hence if anything goes wrong, you don’t have to spend a huge amount before getting them fixed. Major maintenance is less likely to occur, and yearly maintenance such as de-winterizing and winterising takes less time and supplies.

Adequate amenities

They are smaller in size doesn’t mean that small RVs do not provide adequate amenities needed for your safety and convenience while on your trip. They offer slideouts in smaller units and bunk options where an average-sized family can camp comfortably without any difficulty. They also offer a bathroom, kitchen, and other necessary amenities in a small space without giving up on comfort.

The best option for kids

If you want to take your kids out, you should consider small RVs. They allow your kids to concentrate and admire nature while providing amenities for bathing, cooking and sleeping. Big-screen TVs and recliners are absent; hence your kids won’t be confined to the couch. They’ll enjoy nature and the cool of the evening.


Bigger doesn’t equal better, and smaller doesn’t mean lesser. Check out your space need and pocket, and be rest assured that smaller RVs can provide all you need on that trip.

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