The Los Angeles-based Belkin has been a major innovator in the tech industry with over 130 awards and 30 CES innovation awards.  For a company that has been in existence for 35 years, their quality has evolved and become better with time to be at the position where they are currently.

It is reported that with every ticking second, two Belkin products are sold all over the 50 countries where the company has a presence.  Through the rigorous end-to-end control of Belkin manufacturing process, they have emerged to produce some of the most consumer-friendly products. Similarly, their products have elaborate warranty terms to curb for defective products, which are usually rare (if any).

Now, apart from Belkin being the best-selling third-party wireless charging brand since 2017, its security system IP camera is one you need to check out.

The best Belkin IP surveillance cameras

To start off, the Belkin Netcam Wi-Fi HD camera is one of the best innovations that happened to the company. This affordable IP camera for home security features an HD video quality of up to 720p. As with most Belkin products, this seemingly sophisticated is among the easiest to set up and use. Belkin prides making products that are intuitive and consumer-friendly.

If all you need is a great IP security camera to monitor your home, kids or pets and send you reliable real-time feedback, this is your camera. To install this camera and have it at the convenience of your palm or the office desk, you do not even need a computer.

Simply download the free Netcam app on your smartphone or tablet and follow the easy set-up prompts and in a minute or two Bam! great viewing experience complete with notifications on your phone.

Additionally, you stand to get a wide angle of view, motion detection and email alerts when suspicious movements are noticed. It also allows you to record your footage on the phone and watch at your own convenience.

With its sleek design, you may think it would set you a couple more bucks back, but wait, that’s just how Belkin products are- more value for less.

Belkin HD Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision.

This Belkin Netcam HD camera has a full HD night vision that ensures that your images remain clear even as the dark sets in. This is courtesy of its built-in infra-red feature to ensure your images are crisp, smooth and clear even with little to no light at all.

As an extra layer of security, this camera is compatible with WeMo to enable you scale up the security on top of its encryption-based primary security feature.

It scores highly in terms of versatility because it is compatible with the Windows, Android and iOS. This ensures you do not miss a single action.

Its wide angle of view coupled with the two-way speakers makes it appear as though you were at home talking to your kids. With a subscription, you could store thousands of hours of footage on the cloud to play back in the future.

Belkin is, no doubt, one of the smartest designers in the tech industry and their products never stop to wow techies. These two mid-range home security IP cameras are the latest additions to this brand. There are prospects for more sophisticated cameras, however.

If you are on a budget but you still need to experience the effectiveness of this camera, then this is all you need. With the advanced motion detectors and email notifications on suspicious movement, you are sure to enjoy affordably the benefits of home security.

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