Learning a new game can be challenging, but also fun and exciting if the material is something you love. For truck lovers out there, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is an amazing game that offers plenty of depth and screen time, so if you are new to the game and want to learn how to get better results, stick around!

Some of our best tips for new players in the game are:

Use the Euro Truck Simulator 2 tutorial

If this is your first time playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, or perhaps if you just want to test out certain things, trying the tutorial can be a great way to get a well paced introduction to the game, and learning how to drive properly.

You have the option of turning of certain UI elements in order to clear the screen for more visibility on the road. If you are used to playing Rocket league or other fast moving car games, you might need a bit of time to get used to the pace and speed of the large trucks.

Practice reversing with trailer

If you are not interested in the tutorial, you can always find a quiet place in the game itself, and spend some time backing up. You will want plenty of space around to start with, and just learn how the truck and trailer moves along the way.

Once you feel confident, you can find areas with more obstacles, or even traffic, to perfect your reversing skills and learn how to use the mirrors when reversing with a wide trailer. One good tip is to always position your truck as best as possible, to avoid having to reverse in the first place, but sometimes that’s not possible, and you will need to rely on your practiced skills.

Finding the best job offers

You have the option of sorting through many filters in ETS2, that will help narrow down the most interesting job offers you will get. One option we recommend is using the price per distance, or the route length, to optimize your income early on.

By getting the best price per distance, you will get the most amount of money for the job, and 5% per job can quickly add up in the early stages. By using route length, you can try another strategy that depends on finishing as many jobs as quick as possible. You might not earn as much per job, but you will complete more jobs and level up in that way.

But be careful, you will sometimes be offered a job that seems great in terms of price or length, but if you have to pay road tolls, for ferry or other expenses in order to get there, you might want to find another options. Especially in the first 10-20 trips, since you will have better options usually.

Special Transport Routes

In the latest update of 1.43, we saw the addition of special transport routes on multiple maps. These routes provide good options for earning a lot of money quickly, but you will need to set up your trucks to qualify in order to optimize earnings.

Is upgrading engines worth it in ETS2?

Almost always. By getting better engines you will find that your truck performs better. Aside from the fact your vehicle now handles better, it also helps boost your income in the long run. From fuel costs to wear and tear, your expenses will be lowered.

What are the best trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Volvo has some excellent trucks in this game. We especially like the Volvo FH16 as it has great performance with more than 500 horsepower, great fuel capacity and a relatively low price tag. This means you can haul tons of goods without being let down by the engine, and you can do everything you need to for a low cost.

If you like Mercedes-Benz, then their New Actros model is another great contender. Similarly to the FH16, you can get around the world with this truck without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that this truck is a bit lower on performance, and a few thousand more expensive.

Garage location

After creating a new profile in the game, you’re requested to select a place for your first garage. The choice can be difficult for many since there’s an entire map to pick from. Therefore, you’re likely to make a mistake at this point.

The most crucial point here is to ensure that your first garage location is in a central spot. This should preferably be in a big town with many pickup points. Also, you can purchase other garages in other areas later.

Save money

Early on in euro truck simulator 2 banks tend to be more prone to lure you in by you enticing you to utilize their services to purchase your truck. However, it’s wise to save more cash for a while. Furthermore, saving for your first truck doesn’t usually take long as long as you level up and pick the right jobs. Hence, save as much as possible and avoid loans.

Purchase a new garage

Your starting garage only comprises of a driver slot for your use. However, to hire more AI drivers, you need to either upgrade your garage or buy a new one. So, it’s an excellent idea to refrain from updating your first garage, but instead, buy a new one.

This way, you get three more driver slots plus the one you already had, which gives you a total of four slots. However, if you choose to upgrade, you only get a total of three slots.

Give away your truck

After accepting various quick jobs, it’s also good to own your vehicle. Therefore, it’s best to give out your vehicle and go back to jobbing, and this will be more advantageous. Furthermore, if you wish to grow your trucking empire in the game, you need to begin bringing some AI drivers on board.

However, the challenge is that appending new garage slots is pricey, especially if you had taken a bank loan. But, most AI drivers own trucks to work and at the same time, earn money. Therefore, take jobs and drive other people’s trucks just like you did while starting. This way, you can have two drivers earning cash for the cost of only one vehicle.

Furthermore, going back to do quick jobs permits you to earn money quickly, the trick is to choose the best paying jobs from the map but not the ones close to you.

Consider your profits

In Euro truck simulator 2, you also need to consider what’s going to boost your earnings per distance faster. For instance, consider, building your “High-value cargo” or “Fragile cargo” skills first to enable you to earn more for each mile that you drive.

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  1. Once you do own a truck, how do you NOT have a trailer attached to it, and can just travel around?

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