According to a new study, 77% of American households are gardening, with both the old and the young enjoying their gardens.

Gardening has many physical and mental health benefits, for example, it can reduce stress, boost your self-esteem, and boost your levels of vitamin D. Even spending time outside with your loved ones in your garden can help improve your health. But dingy and dull gardens aren’t places where people want to spend time.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with these incredible backyard renovation ideas. Say goodbye to boring and uninspired backyards and hello to your own outdoor haven.

  1. Multi-Use Garden

Most gardens are used in several different ways. For example, you might use your backyard for entertaining guests, letting the children blow off some steam, and enjoying a simple Sunday breakfast in the summer sun. Outdoor spaces can be whatever you need them to be, but you need to think about the purposes of your garden when designing it.

As far as small backyard renovation ideas go, utilizing the multi-use garden is the best option for you.

Split your garden up into sections and choose what to place where. For example, if the best place to catch the morning sun is near the house then set up a patio area here for breakfast. You might decide that you want a lawned area for the children to play on in the middle of the garden and a more secluded spot at the bottom of the garden for the adults.

  1. Low-Maintenance Garden

Some people don’t have green fingers but still want to make the most of their outdoor space. If that’s the case for you then you might decide that paving your garden is the best option. This can be a great option for those who’re also looking for cheap backyard renovation ideas.

Patio gardens offer excellent opportunities for those who want to sit out and enjoy the fresh air. They also don’t mean you can’t try your hand at gardening as you can always add some plant pots and color in your yard. Alternatively, you could add a firepit or a pond to your garden to give it some interest and depth.

Not sure what type of patio you want? Then have a look at this guide on how to choose patio pavers for your garden.

  1. Create an Outdoor Kitchen Area

Who says a backyard needs to exclusively be used for garden purposes? Many households now have outdoor kitchen areas which are great for those who love to cook and entertain guests. Summer dinner parties just got a whole lot easier.

The best part is you don’t need to spend too much on creating your ideal outdoor cooking space, as you can make it yourself. Keep it simple by just adding a grill for your barbecues, or go the whole hog and equip your kitchen with an oven and storage space. Out of all the DIY backyard renovation ideas, we think this one is by far our favorite!

  1. Add a Statement Piece

Maybe your backyard doesn’t need a full renovation, maybe it just needs updating. In which case, adding statement garden pieces such as a fountain can completely transform your space.

Fountains are a great way to enhance your landscaping. They also add a treat for your eyes and ears, as you sit and enjoy your garden. There’s plenty of choices when it comes to different types of fountains, including classic and chic Victorian-styled fountains or contemporary fountains complete with LED lights.

Other statement pieces could include statues, ornaments, ponds, pools, or even quirky sun loungers.

  1. Introduce Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is a big trend at the moment, with many people trying to live more environmentally-friendly. If you want to jump on the bandwagon then you definitely need to add a vegetable garden into your backyard. Growing your own vegetables and fruits will help you live a more sustainable life and will also give you insight into food production.

Vegetable gardens can be big or small, it’s really up to you and your needs. They can center around your greenhouse or you might prefer to grow produce in raised beds instead. There’s no right or wrong, there’s just delicious and nutritious food to enjoy!

  1. Invite Wildlife into Your Space

The simplest and most effective of the backyard renovation ideas for animal-lovers is to create a space that attracts wildlife. Enjoying your outdoor space is enhanced when you get to share it with others, especially animals. Adding shelter (such as bird boxes or hedgehog homes), water, and food can help encourage some wildlife to come into your garden.

Planting trees and flowers can also attract wildlife into your garden, we recommend planting perennials. Butterflies and bees love wildflowers, so you could even create a designated wildflower section of your yard.

Once you’ve created the perfect haven for you and your new animal friends you can sit and watch them enjoy it. You can also rest assured knowing that not only are you helping the environment and animals, but you are also adding value to your home.

Transform Your Garden With These Backyard Renovation Ideas

No matter what type of gardener you are, there are plenty of backyard renovation ideas that you can implement. Transforming your garden can be something as simple and budget-friendly as adding outdoor seating or something as extravagant as choosing a complete landscaping transformation. Whatever you choose, remember to create a garden that you will enjoy using, whether that’s to spend more time with the family or to enjoy nature.

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