Getting your office space adequately organized can boost productivity and help relieve stress. Fixing your work environment brings more than just visual appeal. It also helps you work well considering that it would be easier for you to look for files in an organized workstation. 

Rework your messy desk, and we’re not just talking about getting an expanding file folder to help you reduce clutter. Here are some awesome hacks to get your office organized.

Invest in Good Label Makers 

It’s high time that you use a good label maker. HGTV suggests you can easily label your boxes, files, and drawers. When the time comes, and you’re looking for something, you’ll know exactly where the item is. 

Keep Accessories in One Corner

Your desk has a lamp, pen cup, notepads, and some tapes. Put all those things on one side rather than having them scattered across your desk. It would be easier for you to grab it in one corner and keep your desk space empty and usable for your work.

Keep Files Organized in Expanding File Folderr

An expanding file folder allows you to store large-volumes in an organized manner. These folders are designed to hold letters and legal documents of all sizes. You could also choose colorful expanding folders so it would be easier for you to pull out the right documents.

Keep the Wires Out of Sight

You’ve got the wire for your laptop, phone and tablet chargers, mouse wire, and the list goes on. Seeing those wires tangled with one another can give you a headache. The best way to reduce visual clutter is to hide the cables. The easiest hack to do is to use binder clips. Loop the wires to the binder clips and clip them to the side.

Make Use of Your Wall Space

Free up your desk space by putting shelves on the wall space. You could install floating shelves so you could reduce clutter in your workspace. Plus, they’re a pretty sight to see. Installing a pegboard is also a good idea to make use of your wall space. A pegboard is a perfect solution to store your office supplies and get it easily. You won’t have to rummage your drawer to find a pair of scissors. You could also install a whiteboard on your wall; this gives you somewhere to write important notes, reminders or somewhere where you can plan your day.

Repurpose an Old Shutter for Your Mails

Get that old shutter that’s kept in the basement and paint it. Hang it on the side of your wall and use it to put your letters. The good thing about this shutter is that it’s within your eye level. You’ll be able to see those bills and be reminded of their due dates.

Make Draw Dividers

Drawers are one of the sources of stress in workstations. Everything that can be put away is dumped into that drawer. It’s about time that you clean out your drawer and get it organized. The cheapest and most convenient way to make drawer dividers is to use cereal boxes. Cut out those cereal boxes into smaller boxes that are enough to fit your office supplies. Cover them with pretty wrappers so they’ll be a pleasant sight to see. 

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